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«Club Diver» by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK,


  1. Dang bro,

    You along with Miculik are one of my favorite "FUN" YOUTUBERS and today I cant believe you were working together.
    Great job!
    Gerry needed some young people in his life to keep the spark lit and one can always use a great teacher.

  2. Man, I would just be honored just to shoot beside Jerry on the same range… that guy is incredibly skilled!! Some of his revolver shoots are just mind blowing 6 shots, plus a reload and another 6 in like 2 and a half seconds.

  3. If I can ever afford to come to America I would love to go to a range to try some different guns. The only gun I’ve shot is a 22. rifle.

  4. RIA??!?!? Really? I went on there! Over priced by ALOT!!! The estimator for prices hit his head way too hard and need medical help asap!!! I will never go on RIA a day again in my life… Called them and the lady on the phone was rude and talked over me and was absolutely zero help!!!