In Ireland, we have some of the strictest gun laws in Europe, so we thought we would send our guys to a shooting range to (safely) try out guns.

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Behind the video :
This was filmed many weeks ago. We asked our guys to see what they thought of the shooting range we sent them to. This is how they got on.

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Produced by Creative Nation
Music courtesy of Epidemic Sounds

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  1. This is what is wrong with Europeans. These people couldn't defend themselves if they were being assaulted by Pee Wee Herman.

  2. Why would they start them out with a shot gun instead of a bb gun or a .22? Well at least it wasn't an automatic weapon. They are already hitting moving targets good job.

  3. never say anything abd about guns, american rednecks will downvote you and give you hell… lol fucking americans. They feel their opinion is the only one that matters, but anybody goe against what they like then they begin to cry. Example they bash soccer all the time, but say football sucks and they'll get defensive even though its based on opinion. same deal with guns, say theyre dangerous and theyll begin to write you a novel on why its people that are dangerous not guns lol

  4. It should be THAT OUT THERE to be afraid of guns. Lots of bad stuff could happen especially to those who have never used a a gun in their lives. Can we calm down a bit with the insults and the "ICANT BELIEVE THEY ARE AFRAID OF GUNS I GREW UP IN blah blah" crap? I've done my "fair" share of shooting and I know how to handle guns for the most part, but I am still pretty afraid of them. Because, believe it or not, they are not only made to kill or cause horrible injuries, they also have the possibility of jamming and misfiring.

  5. Jesus why are people so afraid of guns? If you are careful and you have someone to teach you how to shoot then you will be fine, I started shooting when I was young, there is no need to be afraid of them.

  6. How many times have you heard them say "unsafe", "dangerous", "violent" in this video. Your far more likely to be injured in a machine shop. Getting caught into a giant lathe isn't pretty. I wonder if they would have the same thoughts there. This kids really do imagine the worst in people.

  7. these young people are cowards and Idiots! so glad I,m American! I had 7 ancestors in the American Revolution thses Irish young people are totally emasculated cowards!

  8. like guns. or don't like them. your business. however, being frightened of an inanimate object is childish and irrational. childish, irrational adults have been the cause of far more death and misery in this world than guns. if you're thinking, "that's why people shouldn't own guns", then I don't trust you with a gun, and you need to grow up.

  9. In their defense, you normally shouldn't start off with something like 12 gauge (bore for those across the pond) =, I started out with a .22, and eventually moved up to 7.62/.308 before I touched a shotgun.