According to reports, Jake Paul’s Los Angeles home was searched and raided by the FBI this morning. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed: [insert video or playlist link]

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  1. Well the guns are all registered to Jake and to everyone in that house. They got nothing on the guns. Misinformed information. Jake has mentioned before he’s got and believes in owning firearms.

  2. I saw a lot of famous tiktoker attend Jake's party. Those idiots tiktoker shouldn't became idol to the little kids. They shows bad influenced to the kids. Besides, I've been waiting for jake to get arrested due to all things he did. I am so happy seeing his house getting raided by FBI😂😂

  3. He associated himself with a terrorist organization BLM and Antifa and when you steal and attack people for no reason you will be arrested or shot.

  4. The guns would bring. ATF and fbi would be same crime in multiple states and could be porn with miners. Rape. Fraud. Sod guess you should watch the comowny4 yiu keeo

  5. Clevver!!! The content on your channel is so interesting. As a small creator who makes content about interesting facts, I am inspired

  6. Those are fake gun 😂😂 they just took to check them if they are fake or not!! He already did a lot of photo shoot with those fake gun of Instagram