Jim Jefferies — Guns Are Not Protection — from BARE — Netflix Special


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Comedian Jim Jefferies explains why guns are useless in a break-in situation.

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  1. Mr. Donell


  2. duanmcinnes

    Why do the arguments used by the NRA seem reminiscent of the smoking lobby protecting interests of big tobacco.

  3. AmbitionZ

    Every argument from him was retarded, funny, but retarded.

  4. John Burns

    What is an assault rifle? So confused.

  5. Jerald Brewer

    EVERY single point he makes is spot on. This is one of the best (comedic) monologues I've ever seen.

  6. james durnford

    we like our guns .lol

  7. ramses bams

    "is that why they're called assault rifles?"
    but they're not called assault rifles. that's not a real term

  8. Martin Szoke

    This guys a cunt, and he's full of shit with the liberal talking points……again…cunt….

  9. Jimmcrow Lawz

    "What world do you live in where you are constantly ready ?" A world where thugs with machetes come through your window …….. duh.

  10. Love 44

    I’m sorry but u r miss informed. In the us gun are overwhelming used in defense( look up cdc stats)
    Will ppl who do illegal things stop just because we make guns Illegal, or will we make ppl more Vulnerable cause we took their right to defend themselves

  11. tripleheshy

    Awwww, wittle Jimmy don't like those icky guns. You mean nothing Aussie scum, the second amendment and the NRA aren't going anywhere. Deal…with….that.

  12. Jennifer Coleman

    He's absolutely correct

  13. JCTiggs

    5% thumbs down for gun related common sense comedy video, sounds about right. GUNZ GUNZ GUNZ!

  14. james the everything guy

    oh if we have guns lieing around you can just pick one up and shoot the bad guy

  15. james the everything guy

    oh theres a pdf personal defense firearms so there are sutch a thing also i hate your bull stop lieing you lieing lier face

  16. james the everything guy

    say guns are not for protection when you are being asualted by a mugger or a bear or somone on acid

  17. james the everything guy

    gun control does not work its more of continuance

  18. james the everything guy

    give everyone guns as deturent if everyone has guns then no one will want to hurt you and everyone can hurt eatch other just give the police better guns and make self defence leagal guess what if crimnals die there will less crime becuse theres no one to commit the crimes aka makeing the prisons more empty and so on so forth

  19. james the everything guy

    says the brit who doesnt even know how guns work a gun ban in britin actually caused crime to go up

  20. Tech Reviews

    Not true ever herd of zore x

  21. Axis

    There is only one argument for owning a gun. Because criminals will also, ALWAYS own a gun. You dumb cunt. Just look what happened in Australia. The real story not his deluded interpretation of it.

  22. Aaron Pray

    A gun is for protection but i chose a AR 15 come threaten my family. We were the first state to sign the declaration of Independence from tyrant Britain guess the state ill give you a hint Live Free Or Die. Hay Jim Jefferies since people turned their guns in looks like you still have a higher rate of rape then the u.s by 5% imagine if those women had guns.

    What is the crime rate in Australia?
    STAT Australia
    Rape rate 28.6 Ranked 6th. 5% more than United States
    Violent crime > Gun crime > Guns per 100 residents 15 Ranked 41st.
    Violent crime > Intentional homicide rate 1.16 Ranked 51st.
    Violent crime > Murder rate 229 Ranked 42nd.

    Pick a different topic to be funny about. Look Venezuela has no guns and yet high murder and crime. Dwis kill more then guns do.