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Considered to be the ultimate in nautical simulations, Virtual Skipper is back with a new edition which will delight all sailing fans. Take part in thrilling regattas aboard world-class boats on a sea surging with realism in single — and multiplayer games.

Virtual Skipper 5 enables you to skipper the finest competition boats currently available in over 14 different ocean water courses; the settings for the most prestigious international competitions such as Valencia, Auckland, Rio, Marseille… Players can therefore take the helm of four types of competition boat, each behaving differently such as the Trimaran Open 60, the real “formula ones” of the sea, the Offshore Racer, the Melges 24 or the impressive Class America. Both day and night and in all weather conditions, never has a computer game created the sea to such a level of realism. Virtual Skipper 5 provides a sophisticated wave animation model that can reproduce the movement of real-world waves. The visual and physical integration of the boats on the sea is enhanced, which reinforces the impression of realism and the feeling of true immersion.

An editor will also enable you to create and incorporate your own water courses and regattas and you will therefore have a host of different maps to guarantee renewed and continued gameplay fun in the Internet multiplayer games. Whether you are a novice or seasoned navigator, the game will satisfy your appetite for the open sea. A magnificent simulation with regattas intensely contested in solo or multiplayer mode, outstanding graphics and an ultra-realistic sea modelled and animated to perfection. Virtual Skipper 5 is the must-have game for all sailing fans!

3D regatta simulation: the ultimate in computer sailing simulations.

At any level, enjoy the game to its fullest with the four game modes suitable for beginners or seasoned navigators (arcade, tactical, simulation and “no rules”).

Skipper 4 types of boats: the Class ACC, the Trimaran Open 60, the Offshore Racers and the Melges 24.

Navigate 14 legendary water courses, prime locations for competitive sailing such as Valencia, Marseille, Trapani, Malmo, San Francisco, Sydney, Porto Cervo, Auckland, Vancouver, Wight, Quiberon and even Qingdao. We have the exotic in store for you with the Bay of Rio and the mouth of Vesuvius!

Including the famous Nadeo editors: water course editor and Mediatracker (cameras, text and graphics).

Multiplayer game (LAN and Internet), with world player rankings on the Internet

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