Music video by L.A. Guns performing The Ballad Of Jayne. (C) 1989 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. Im fortunate enough to b rawwkin out tomorro night with L.A Guns right here in Ottawa…Its been 30 fn yrs since ive seen them open for ACDC "Heatseeker" tour. Wowww im fn old. But I still crank these tunes nice n loud. Keep on keepin on folks ?

  2. The problem with hair metal is well they forgot the metal part of there music. Meanwhile other bands that came from the 90s like Gamma Ray, Helloween, Blind Guardian, and Stratovarius stayed true to the sound. Hell even bands like Queensrÿche got it the ditched the glam sound and went prog.

    Look I can give credit where it's due. But there are metal bands that play black, death, power, prog, symphonic, and thrash that are still going strong because they did not fall into the trap that the glam bands did.

  3. First off, LA Guns was one of the most underrated bands ever.  If you like this one check out "never enough" and my personal favorite "shoot for thrills".  Second, Traci Gunns, got booted from Guns and Roses by Axl Rose right?  Third, what was the lead singers name?  It's Phil something I believe, sorry I'm getting old.

  4. who used ta watch head bangers ball?? Looked forward ta that all week long.I started watching it when I was 13.Hot summer nights hanging with friends staying up all night windows open with that cool breeze cmn through watching head bangers ball and after we would make rock videos with the cam cordercorder with my friends.Lip singing and air guitaring with drum set in back round Skid Row,GNR,Dangerous Toys ,Bang Tango,Metallica,La Guns,Junk Yard,Motley Ctew,The list Can go on.A part of my youth I will always treasure but still listen to all of it now and then and still have my rock videos of me and my friends which is fun ta watch and look back at those times .

  5. Man he has a good voice. I never heard much of these guys back in the day as opposed to poison def leppard  bon throw up jovi. etc.  never heard these guys till I watched point break.  wish I would have listened better I guess. lol

  6. wow, even when I didn't know what the relationship was between LA Guns and Guns N Roses I knew the bands were connected in some way.

    But I never knew how much Slash's trademark style look was taken directly from the former LA Guns singer in this video