L.A.Guns — I Wanna Be Your Man. One of the most underrated La.guns vidos ever. One of their best ever…my opinion…:)


  1. Wooo Hooo!!!! Crank this up!!! Love rockin' this song, when I'm cruising in my 'Vette:) The whole "Cocked & Loaded" album rocks!!! Seen them live in '95 ( this line up ) for the "Vicious Circle" tour, they put on an excellent show:)

  2. I'm told that the majority of MMA fighters spend most of their time talking tough from behing their keyboards. So you're in good company.

  3. I miss the hell of out of these days, spending the night and grandma's on a weekend and staying up late to catch Headbanger's Ball, back with Riki and his friends.

  4. @MrPasi77 Anyone who comes on here and posts as if they think the actual artists are going to read their ramblings is in desperate need of psychiatric help