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YOUNG GUNS by Lewi White

Featuring Devlin, Ed Sheeran, Yasmin and Griminal.

Directed by Carly Cussen.


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  1. This song all over the place, too many different styles of music going on …sounds terrible altogether but individually they sound good.

  2. Fire! Devs… wow… you have to wait through the poppy hook but worth it. Beast = Devlin . Ed and Griminal brought it as well. Yeah its getting rotated that one.

  3. They call me young gun like I was a pistol in the primary
Speaking codes no binary
Irony, is that I don’t have a beautiful mind at all
I’m not tired at all
There’s no time to pause
Deep thought, with my feet sore from walking
Not a lot of money for a cheap Porsche
Though I don’t drive but I’m known by the guys
That are designed to make you go hype
Like Devlin & Grim with the chilling, chilling
Bring Yasmin for the singing, killing
And I’m keeping the melody where it better be
I’m deadly and readily burning within the evergreen of enemies
Higher than a feather with Amphetamines
Only my head top could be ahead of me
Voice hoarse but guess what? It’s never Ketamine
Making noise from Brent Cross
Head in the hedge tops
Giving up my soul again for the guest spot
Four young guns in London
When we’re coming up