«Liberals With Guns!»


Who commits the most brutally violent crimes in America? You might be surprised.

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  1. George Reichel

    And most of those events were false flag events and bipartisan in origin

  2. Jim Picirilli

    I think just being a politician these days just constitutes as being an idiot and complete BS'er. They truthfully are all out for themselves. They want their job and six figure salary, so instead of doing what is good for America, they hand out entitlements to gain votes for what is now the "majority"… This country will never run right again unless it has a revolution…

  3. Don Williams

    I guess liberals should use guns to protect the U.S. treasury that got decimated by the new tax plan Trump just signed, conservatives just robbed all of us.

  4. Rice Man

    Christian Republicans

  5. John P Bondrew

    The vast majority of mass shooters/assassins have been far left wing lunatics. We need to re-open the asylums, and fill them up with libiots!

  6. Dwight Langston

    lmao this guy is hilarious. liberals are mentally ill but the right wingers who think moses is a founding father and want creationism taught in science class are totally sane and rational.

  7. The Almighty John Solid

    I lean towards the left but I somewhat enjoyed this.

  8. Chase Hilyer

    What about Timothy McVeigh, who was about as far right as you can get? Dylan Roof, an alt-righter? Etc etc I can pull all kinds of examples. The majority of serial killers are white males with conservative ideology. And does that mean anything? NO! It means absolutely nothing! The acts of a tiny percentage of a group speaks nothing to the group as a whole

  9. nightmuffin937

    Don't forget these psychos:
    James Huberty, Timothy Mcveigh & Terry Nichols, Eric Rudolph, Anders Behring Breivik, Wade Michael Page, Robert Dear, Jared Miller & Amanda Miller, Dylan Roof.

    All Registered Republican/Christian/Right-Wing/Tea Party Supporting-Scum-of-the-Earth Troglodytes

  10. nightmuffin937

    What about James Huberty, David Koresh, Timothy Mcveigh, & Terry Nichols, Jerad & Amanda Miller ?

  11. BAnn Laughlin

    Bill, I read a lot of the old comments and I was so surprised what kind of idiocy I read. I have to admit that you are a lot stronger at heart than I though possible after reading them. My stomach wanted to hurl due to their comments. The ideal that more liberals admit that they have guns too. Some talk about teaching how to use a gun without morals or at least teaching right from wrong Apparently, some of your viewers are people that just read the title and either don't understand your true message, or are liberals that want to twist it into how they want it to be saying so they can be exactly what you said.  One of the commenters mentioned you having statistics, yet he ignored the fact that you did cite facts. hmm, would that be one of those you were talking about? By the way, I know you know this, but to possibly shut the pie hole you can access the FBI database on crimes and their data. You did this vid years ago, but it is more relevant today than it was then. Yes, we have a new epotus but the changes to deal with the imbiciles will take time. Let's not forget that the EPOTUS plans on focusing on emptying the swamp top to bottom fist. Granted, I believe that by enforcing current laws on the book it will make it easier to also clean out a lot of the crimes happening across this nation.  God bless America and may America bless God again before it is too late!

  12. BAnn Laughlin

    Bill, I know you published this in 2013, but dang it is still so relevant today.  God bless

  13. Radical Leftist

    With sufficient cherry-picking, you too can come to the conclusion that only liberals can kill people.

  14. Redant23

    Wild Bill I love you but Bush and Clinton are one in the same crime family

  15. Crabjuicy

    Wow. one giant lie after another.

  16. Cow

    The Burlington mall shooter in Washington was a (legal?) alien that was going to vote for hillery and voted illegally in the last 2 elections.

  17. Chris Olson

    This f**king guy. Sitting in a chair, sipping from an American flag cup as he spews hate about half of America's population further dividing our country. True patriot right here!
    Instead of acknowledging the fact that liberals also own guns, (some 16,000,000 actually) and possibly using this commonality as a bridge for discussion to mend our country, you choose the low road and continue to attempt to divide us further.
    Your video only hurts the country you claim to love. Good for you little buddy! Its clear that you don't have anything under that hat except hair.

  18. Maxwell Morgan

    Strange days we live in .

  19. Walter Laughlin

    It is the liberal idiots that come up with stupid comments.
    If liberals would quit acting like they have no brain they could look around and see the facts.
    Criminals don't like to take on those that can defend themselves, which is why crime rates are so high in no gun zones. You don't see crime in the boon docks because everyone knows that country folks don't just fish and hunt, but use bow and arrows and knives for target shooting.
    Let's all remember that since Obama has imported criminals without paper, but already have been committing crimes here on US soil. Most of those crimes are sexual assault, rape, molestation. A three year six year old was forced to marry a 57 year old Muslim refugee in Utah yesterday, where she was raped and beaten by the faux husband.
    A 5 year old girl raped and beaten in Ohio by Muslim boys after the section in the Quran what girls are for was read to the boys by their refugee father.
    10 year old girl raped and beaten by another Muslim refugee in Michigan
    A mass group of Muslim refugees surrounded a woman's house screaming Allah Akbar, we're going to rape you while she was hiding her small daughter and calling the police her phone line was cut and no, no cell phone was available to her.
    The main stream media is not sharing the stories because it's not mass shootings involved to focus on gun confiscation.
    Amarillo TX has two factions in one refugee camp fighting over territory turning the town into a ghetto with a crime rate never seen there before. Children molested in public pools. Teenage girls raped in pool showers.

    Btw, Muslims are illegal in America.
    1952 nationality act, public law 414, chapter 2, section 212 found Muslim is not a religion, but a political ideology organization that promotes violence and conquest.
    The Quran Hadith Islamic oath demands allegiance to Islam, which requires them to overthrow current government and conquer the country. Which is exactly what is happening in France, Germany, Greece, and Italy.

    Obama has repeatedly admitted he is Muslim and broken several laws to import this violence, which puts all ages of women at risk. Just think, Hillary wants to bring more criminals in to our counter trying to disarm US.
    Liberals are responsible for this heinous crime spree .

  20. Parker Cushing

    I'm a left libertarian. I love the 2nd amendment.

  21. Royce the Arctic Fox

    uuh where is the evidence? Bill, Forgive me for criticizing, but if you are going to make an argument or convict an entire party, you need to have evidence to support it, and it cant be spoken through someone's mouth (because people can deceive or conceal their hatred with lying lips.) it has to be written arcticles, crime records, anything that solid that can prove your cause. not just a video of you speaking.

  22. badlandskid

    Liberal politicians( in both parties) pass laws against our second amendment rights while standing behind their security which carries guns. Hypocrites.

  23. K Koala

    The ignorance in this video is beyond imaginable. Liberalism as a mental illness? Liberalism is an ideology not an illness.

  24. Andrew B

    I like how you left out every registered Republican and/or "conservative" murderer when making your so-called argument. You also forgot to mention the greatest American mass murderer of modern times — NRA CONSERVATIVE RIGHT WINGER Timothy McVeigh. If he were alive today, he would undoubtedly be giving thumbs up to all your videos. You are a disgrace.

  25. Velociraptor

    Ban liberals, so that we can teach creationism in school ?? but it's ok out of the 4,000 religions on earth you happened to be the in right one ??
    Thoughts on Sig P938 for CC anyone?

  26. NCLUSA

    The left/Democrats/Liberals/socialist/communist (what ever they call themselves these days) kill the unborn (what I call babies/children) so what can we expect from them?, they have no morals. I know a few democrats that seem to be good people on the outside but my question is!!!!!!! is how can a person belong to a group like that and be a good person?,,,,,?

  27. Jen Werner

    LOL Brilliant!!! It is a mental illness !! 4 sure!!!!

  28. hunn20004

    Yes, guns don't kill people, people kill people…..tho the gun does help.
    Now hear me out…..make owning a gun require a license, just like driving a car does and make mental health check a mandatory part. Also, during the education, teach them to keep the gun in such a place where your 3 year old wont find it.

    Now….when they drafted the law. they had MUSKETS….SINGLE SHOT PER MINUTE MUSKETS, so make it that owning automatic weapons is heavily regulated. You do not need a minigun for self defence, a eagle or even a beretta is more efficient against the normal, no bodyarmor, thief. And the law was for separate militias, so make it that there is a group that holds and maintains all your "hobby" weapons, and when the end times does come, go there, withdraw your P90 or AK47 or whatever 900 bullets per minute machine gun you happen to have.
    Also, praying doesnt make mental illnesses go away (see Isaac's father or the king David serves, pure cases of mental illnesses) so take a billion dollars from the army and invest it in mental health institutions instead. Heck, take an another billion and put it in science, the military is doing its own scientific research already because they realize how beneficial it is, even if you dont. Also take down faith healing churches, it doesnt work and is a total sham, that will cripple the people with heavy illnesses and kill those who stop their medicine

  29. Honest Dave

    So many crybaby liberals in the comments section. throw some facts at them and they run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to defend themselves against the truth

  30. Jim Stinnett

    Is that your hat, or did your head throw up !

  31. jodopeg

    The Leftist Democrat Liberals will just tell you that those people were mentally ill, but not all Leftist are suffering the same effects. Then they'll say"What about Timothy McVeigh he was a right winger who owned guns? "
    Also, let's give credit where it's due,,, Lyle Rossiter is hardly an original,,
    An Australian man named Kenneth Minogue wrote this book back in 1963 called "The Liberal Mind",with several other ground breaking political books,,,,,, And the 2005 book by Dr. Lyle Rossiter immediately followed Michael Savage's book " Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder" which is a strong indicator that Lyle Rossiter likely listened to "The Savage Nation" radio broadcast for years before and read Kenneth Minogue's book well before publishing his book under the same name… (not very original at all)