Little Toy Guns Lyrics Carrie Underwood


  1. I hate when parents do this shit and act like the kids can't understand and that they never notice. Kids may know so very little but they are not blind, def, and stupid. So if they're are any parents on here who are having trouble with your other half and you have kids, don't you dare act like that it doesn't bother them! Just because they're used to it doesn't mean they feel okay about it.

  2. when I hear this song I think About when my dad and stepmom fight and I just hold my little brother and say it's alright I'm here and turn up the TV to drown out the argument

  3. even thow this happened to me 10 years ago i still rermaber it by hart and i wish that it did not because i dont get to see my dad most of the time.

  4. I don't care what it who you are if the relationship get to the point where you have kids and you are fighting and screaming everyday and your kid has to hear it BREAK UP I don't care if you don't want to. You do what's best for that child not what's best for you. Don't make that child feel pain and misery the rest of their lives like all of us in the comment section have. Parents stop fighting — from a girl whose dad was always fighting and yelling

  5. I can relate to this song mainly because my momma and her wife fought 24/7. they fought over me. I was mentally emotionally and physically abused by my stepmother. even though she's gone I'm still afraid. the memories haunt me everyday and I can't escape them so I listen to this song because it makes me feel calm. it makes me feel hope. that went on for three years and she just left . nobody will ever understand me unless they went through what I went through. I'm 16 and I'm afraid of a abusive person. wow I'm pretty pathetic.

  6. u know what's sad, is that so many kids can relate to this or people when they were young. And what's even sadder, is that I'm one of them. I listen to this song every day. and I have done that for so long. it makes me feel like this is all gonna be OK. I know how it feels to be in the crossfire, I'm there right now as I write this. Stay strong everyone, I may not be able to, but u can

  7. my parents always fight like this…over stupid little things and making them explode. some say marriage can fix things,I think divorce would be better

  8. This song, I love it, but so many understand my pain I go through when I hear this, don't ask, but I'm sorry for you, you must understand my pain, or at least a few of you do!

  9. my sister directed me to this song…I'm 46 and still cop the sharp tongue of my mother…and so did our dad when he was alive…don't think she realises how hurtful her tone and words are and were growing up…?