Mag-fed 20 mm (price only $11,900)


MAG-FED 20 mm (Price ONLY $11,900)

думаю завтра уписывать сила попереводить:



49” match grade fluted barrel

heavy duty clam-shell brake

detachable box magazine

available in 14.5mm, 20mm, and new anzio 20-50 calibers

titanium firing pin

5000 yard maximum range

optional weights and configurations

huge amounts of fun

low recoil

call for details

anzio20mm with optional handguard shown next to 26" barreled anzio 50

anzio 20mm at 6′ 8" tall

training ammo $9.50 each tracer ammo $15 each sold out sold out + shipping (minimum order required), call for ap pricing — only limited quantities remaining!


quick change – take-down barrel

fluted, hand lapped match barrel

oversized, high efficiency brake

one detachable 3-round magazines

four massive locking lugs

heavy duty bipod

fully adjustable rear monopod

40 minute inclined scope rail

duracoat finish of your choice

blue-printed bolt & action

percussion primed configuration

massive bolt handle for easy loading & extraction

super smooth action


multi- caliber kit 14.5mm and 20mm

pintle mount

available in 59lbs to 130lbs & up

electric primed upgrade

50bmg “rail gun” conversion kit

yes, single shot version available for less

you think it up – we’ll build it

optional handguard, freefloated barrel and adjustable bipod model $13,000.00

suppressor available for $3200

20mm with suppressor at 2007 shot show

20mm mag-fed shown in take-down configuration

from left to right: .223, .338 lapua, 50bmg, 20mm vulcan

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