Massage Guns: Why They Work & How To Use Them- Bob and Brad Concur


Massage Guns: Why They Work & How To Use Them- Bob and Brad Concur

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Bob and Brad discuss how massage guns work and how to use them properly.

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  1. Dan Kane

    Go to healanfeel .com

  2. Hamad Saleh Mahfooz

    Can it be used to cure muscle soreness?

  3. DarkQueen

    Found one for 50 bucks on Amazon

  4. Sonach

    Just bought this will report back!

  5. iamstarsdust

    i bought this because neck is awfull.knots everwhere now you say not recommend for neck? well how do i get rid of the bad lumps ? its why i got it

  6. William Bang

    Only the most famous psychical therapist on the internet can get away with wearing new balance adidas and nike in one outfit

  7. Joseph Y.

    Hi Bob & Brad — hoping you will answer my query. I have a herniated disc in my C5 & 6 and get muscle soreness around my back and shoulder/hands. Will this help? I'm obviously not going to use it on my neck but other parts of the body.

  8. Diana Snyder

    Does anyone know if you can use this on your neck?

  9. Jomembawang

    Could you guys do a video showing how massage gun can help with old ankle injuries? Specifically the ankle and the achilles (achilles tendonitis)

  10. Joan Zhao

    Before buy a massage gun , this video is helpful for me.

  11. Chris Walker

    Yeah good call. My wife got me one of those last spring and it is amazing.

  12. Lamp Pole

    What’s the stop force of the gun?

  13. Dawn Conquest

    They have the best posture!

  14. Addy Carol

    Just ordered my massager! Thanks Bob and Brad! Can't wait to get started!

  15. gary B

    I got a massage last wed, my ankles hurt real bad the lady used a wand on my ankles it hurt while she did it, but when she was done it felt so good.

  16. gary B

    thanks for the video, just now order the massage gun.

  17. JimmyGarrison'sChin

    Actual video starts at 1:00

  18. Dejection55

    I love that massage gun it’s such a great value and it’s helped my chronic injuries but my only issue with it is I wish the pieces would lock in place as sometimes they pop off while using it

  19. Nash Kat

    We bought your gun and it's changed our lives! It's even fixing old muscle scar tissue from 20 years ago! The gun is top quality, the case is also very nice to have. Best money we've spent in a long time! Incredible and fast customer service too, in our opinion…

  20. Susan Terry

    I love mine — we call it 'Thumper' — and it's helped all of us in my family with the occasional Charley Horse. I used it for sciatica and lower back pain.

  21. Trinity 11

    Is this good for herniated disks?

  22. NYC Entrepreneur

    I’ve had the theragun Elite for a few months now and it’s and absolute game changer. Anytime I feel even the slightest tingle of pain, I pull out the gun and seconds later the pain is gone. I had bursitis in my hip joint for months and after 2 days w the gun, it’s completely back to normal. I also just use it to relax because it feels great just to give yourself a full body massage.

    One word of warning: do not spend anymore than a few seconds or up to a minute on one particular area. If you do, it will most definitely be sore the next day. Had soreness in my calf muscle and went to town with the gun and put too much pressure on and for too long and next day I paid the price!

    Best purchase for me in a long time and while I still go for professional massage, this is a great tool for recovery and has a fun factor as well.

  23. Snooze00

    How do you do your shoulder neck and shoulder blades and back. This is just a glorified vibrating Dildo in my book.