The Motor City Machine Guns make a triumphant return to IMPACT Wrestling TV and SHOCK THE WORLD by dethroning The North for the Tag Team Championships in an instant classic!

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  1. It's insane how ahead of the curve the guns were years ago, and how they've gotten better with time. They work snug, the work is believable, it's not over the top. It's just crisp, neat, technical and clearly inspired from actual combat.

    They make wrestling a little less corny and a little more athletic. I really want to see them in AEW.

  2. I am always reminded about Evan Bourne / Matt Sydal when I see Alex Shelley . It makes me wonder if Alex Shelley can do 450 splashes or things like that . Nonetheless both Shelley and Sabin very good perfomers.

  3. MCMG still one of the best tag teams in wrestling in my opinion, always loved the early impact matches against team 3D and Beer Money Inc.

  4. Two great teams but the lack of a crowd killed this. And what the hell is up with Impact starting to look like Raw Lite? The commentators sound WWE produced, the lighting looks exactly like Raw, good God.

  5. Its time for Impact to start taking cues from both AEW and WWE and use some sort of enhancement talent as audience members. This is just not right for the guys to wrestle without any vocal or other stimuli to what they do in the ring, and it takes the energy out of matches.

  6. Remember when in ROH when one of MCMGs retired, never thought I'd see them as a team again. Haven't missed a beat, good to see them as tag champs.