Narcos, Guns & Money: Chasing El Chapo PART 2


Updated January 8th, 2016: After his escape from prison months ago there has been a hunt to re-capture El Chapo. It now looks like El Chapo has been captured.

Days after Mexico’s most infamous drug lord tunneled out of a maximum security prison, Fusion’s Mariana van Zeller traveled to “El Chapo’s” home turf in Culiacán, Sinaloa to see first hand what the hunt for the most wanted man looked like, and meet the locals who are commemorating the kingpin with everything from T-shirts and hats to altars.

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  1. Allen Professor

    Están buscando morirse ha ha…. brutos atrevidos/////

  2. cuch cuch

    why would ye send some daft bimbo, its always gonnie go tits up. you must pay to interview. i refused. hahaha. get back in the kitchen and try not burn anything ya boot.

  3. Ushsh SHhs

    The Adolf hitler but on a 1,000 times smaller scale …

  4. XtremeZone

    Well… he's caught… AGAIN! But now he's in the US and this time he won't be getting away AGAIN! The USA are not cowards like the Mexican government who can't control their cartel. The US will have to send in their military to wipe the Cartel off the face of the earth since the Mexican military are pussies.

  5. Yu Ke

    You should not blame a god. He's just doing the Chapo things.

  6. Andrew Hook

    Find line between brave and moronic,lol wow..

  7. realdeal steal

    Nissan got a wonderful ad with this one lol

  8. Donny H

    What a bullshit propaganda journalist,nice scary sound effects tho👍…if a story is legit you don't need this bs,so it's nothing more than a made up story…

  9. Biglo 48

    I like how they all laughed at her when she asked if they seen chapo 😂😂😂

  10. Jose Garcia

    Barker Barker every × any 1 g'os 2 mexxx ull b gettin follwd by them if you was Mexican things would of been wrse…Barker breaker but since most of the ones I see in the docs luckily they have been white cockaisian they actually give u more chances but every 1 is in dangr ull been followed from the start and have been until they actually see eveideince of you really leaving thers time of your route that they make the dicisions to weather if you make the wrong turn they would be like ok if they go this way killem unless they go the other way then let them go but it's obvious if u ask any reporter I mean they can feel the danger all the way home if you feel what I'm saying just trying to stay of the grid because even talking to you about this is a life or theft situation….

  11. Miguel Rodriguez

    Wow why would they do that no ing that he is the most wonted they should be lucky they came out. Alive

  12. thriller Ali

    She's such a big idiot that she didn't even asked how much money have to been paid and how much time or how long she can do her work interviewing his mother atleast you should have to asked that telephone guy , maybe he would have other plans for you for your whole crew and he was just checking out how much potential you guys have or how much crazy you'll are that you'll came to his house for interviewing his mother without getting anyone's permission you'll should be crazy or a big fan of elchapos that's why maybe he asked for price! Saying because they are cartels they don't have limited money they dont need to earn from you guys and just think that your payment will help whom only the on call man?

  13. D V

    Believe me they know you are coming 😱

  14. Omar Flores

    Dumb mothafuckers think this a joke, watch how you talk to those ppl

  15. Natas Carbajal

    Something weird bout the driver

  16. wong way

    next stop compton

  17. Andres Aguilar

    You coultive just payed the fee, bahahaha

  18. Timothy Conley

    You should not have left without talking to his mother first. Nobody was going to hurt you. Plus you gotta do whatever it takes to talk to her. Even if it means risking your life.

  19. Y2kSd4

    This is OOOOLDDD!!! GET. RIT OFF IT.


    It's one of his son who was talking I think

  21. Silky Thacker

    I woulda had payed whatever I had to

  22. Edwin Siala

    Idiots in the name of journalists…you are lucky to be alive.

  23. A i

    6 thousand years of politics later people find the likes of drug lords more appealing than the ruling classes?…

  24. Kenny Carreon

    She said "have you seen el chapo" they laughed at you because that is el chapo people

  25. Jay Gonzalez

    what a fucking dumb ass question

    "You havent seen "El Chapo" Around??

    Que Pregunta TAN PENDEJA!!!

    "Y a "El Chapo" no lo han visto?

  26. KayPmuso

    this is the product of prohibition.

  27. Angel o

    U must be suicidal to go and just expect to get an interview from El Chapo's mother then be on ur way. Stupid woman.

  28. sayad khan

    You wish to visit le chopo territory, you are lucky you wake up in your bedroom and stop dreaming, stop fake that video okay? Pee and sleep again…

  29. Jimmy A

    That women dumb,they been knew they was there…

  30. Deepa Bozelle

    El chapo is real big boss. With golden hearts "cruel too but

  31. LeoT2x

    This shit fake asf

  32. Nevaeh Lorne

    You go looking for an interview with a drug Lord's mother but you don't bring any money?!?! Really stupid.

  33. Bernie aus Australien

    Last year 12 journalists got killed in Mexico.
    Omg did they really think , to ring the doorbell and chapos mum will have cookies for them?
    Be glad they didn't kill you

  34. landie enyaw

    This video 90% bull you must do your own research, please.

  35. mv uploader

    i can say this journalist is big lier,fucking fake

  36. Elizabeth F.

    Very very stupid to go to El Chapo's mother's house. Those two must have a death wish. They're very lucky to still be alive. Was this story really worth both of their lives?? Idiots. SMH

  37. ED Cruz

    2019 Chapo is caught and fucked for life!

  38. dramane Bance

    Nothing Easy to make more money

  39. j jim

    If she wasn't so stupid she would've gotten the mothers interview she pissed them off lol

  40. j jim

    If you don't see military presence that means there is Mexican intelligence working stupid journalists

  41. Mario Lazaro

    Wow lucky to be alive

  42. Luque Jr

    So it’s basically like Area 51

  43. eastside0434

    Stupid to even go there risking your life for no answers,they must have thought she was ugly or they would have kidnapped her and sold her.

  44. Ana De Assis

    Omg very very 🤔 danger danger

  45. john g

    At 8:13 the countryside is so beautiful. The mountains in the back ground are so magnificent, clouded in a mysterious fog.
    El Chapo will again get to reside in a huge place near the foot of the mountains. Pictured below.
    But El Chopo may only get to see these mountains possibly one time, while being exscorted, shangled, hand cuffed and led into prison. Some think he may not ever seen them, that the prison guards will cover his head with a hood.

  46. jenny gore

    Hispanics are lovely people aren't they

  47. Cheryl Hooser

    Sean penn and kate ratted out el chapo on his son and wife too

  48. Rhonda Sisco-Cleveland

    I would have at least said thank you to the soldiers that stopped them on the way to visit El Chapo's mother. For whatever reason they are there, they SAID they were there and she should feel they would keep her safe.
    Use your good manners with the soldiers, they are either heroes, or are scary, corrupt, potential murderers.

  49. streetreadytv

    You should have payed cash for the interview

  50. Mark Mckeown

    Silly fuckers
    Travel continents to get there, travel through 100's miles of terrain. Take major risks. Risk your life really.
    Get the producer to
    Get FUCKING £10,000 OUT AND PAY THE PEOPLE for the interview, which would be a MAJOR FUCKING SCOOP and go global.
    10k is like million quid.
    Stupid mother fuckers.