New Jersey is Pushing "Smart Guns"… Again.


Morning Coffee with Craig: 6/24/2019 — New Jersey is Pushing «Smart Guns»… Again.
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  1. wd walker

    that is dump as dirt and the ones that pushing that is not fit for office they belong in prison for life right now

  2. John Woodard

    You mean California # 2 , that’s New Jersey and then the shit hole called New york

  3. John Woodard

    Fuck New Jersey. Land of hitler , their cops are murdering assholes that support their communist pig politicians.

  4. jcllings

    The only reason they want this is so that they can turn your guns off when they come for you.

  5. Mikey Likes It

    what stops criminals from just disabling or removing these systems from the weapons? People are creative and will figure it out.

  6. strayblackcatsmeow

    You need to read the Australian metal storm patent. This was the foundation of smart guns in New Jersey. Could not locate again at short notice to give the number but I did find the more civil rights freindly worded Canadian patent CA 02292503 2006-03-10. It is a little more toned down but still of interest is the excerpt: "For some applications, such as for military or civil use
    it is also preferred that the electronics be provide with
    remote arming/disarming functions. This would enable
    authorised persons to remotely deactivate all weapons within a given area to provide a safe area, or to selectively provide safe and active areas in which weapons were armed." Metal Storm Limited has been actively involved from the start in New Jersey. Recommend you find the initial australian patent to see the real intention of smart guns.

  7. FraterMerovius

    Requiring dealers to stock smart guns is interfering with interstate commerce, and thus outside of the legitimate powers of the state of NJ. Whether the current courts would see it this way, is, sadly, another matter altogether.

  8. FraterMerovius

    Any manufacturer who introduces smart guns onto the market should be boycotted out of existence. So should any dealership or retailer who stocks and offers such guns for sale.

  9. A C

    We need to get rid of this unconstitutional red flag law from Nevada nevada ab291

  10. Charles Eye

    Oh, I'm not surprised they received death threats. Any gun dealer trying to sell the first smart gun in NJ was actively participating in infringing on people's 2A rights.

  11. Brian H

    I only follow the rules and laws that the police and military follow….and only if they are constitutional….

  12. 102Lawdog

    Take my freedom for the sake of supposed protection. So stupid.

  13. Tom Bone

    Craig, No disrespect intended to either you or any other law abiding weapon owner living in one of these fascist states, and maybe it's a stupid question. But why don't you just move to a different state where most of these types of laws do not exist (yet) ? I do like watching your shows and they are very informative, I just don't understand why someone would continue to live somewhere where they are constantly being attacked just for being the person that they are. Although I do realize that with the current Government situation, and if Trump loses by some possible cheat from the Demonrats, that we will all be under attack and then…….well I will not say more, I think the result will speak for itself.

  14. Dbill74

    They don't care what we think or the facts, that is why they skipped the hearing and committee phase.

  15. Scat

    I have a better idea. How about we start a state voter initiative and call it "smart representation". It should require all the politicians pass an IQ test, along with comprehensive testing on the history of the country with an emphasis on the Constitution.

  16. Dan H

    Extremely ignorant Politicians.

  17. Google sucks

    This sounds like the movie shoot em up , lol if you've never seen it check it out its a good watch

  18. Mark Robinson

    The dunk those electrical guns in water oh I bet the electrical mechanism love dirt and sand and mud my firearm goes all through these things water mud send in any a horrible other things you can put through it good day

  19. Mark Robinson

    If you remember some Smith & Wesson did it first they wanted this technology they finally it didn't List It the fact no new New Jersey's doing it

  20. AJ

    And if a emp is used then what? “Smart” Firearm is useless

  21. Riboflavin Folate

    Of course neither the military nor the police will have to use the smart guns. The true purpose of the technology is to have a way to disable civilian owned firearms whenever the government feels it's "necessary". Everyone with a brain should know that's what the government of New Jersey is up to here. I mean, the military and police exemption is a dead giveaway to what the true agenda is. The smart guns will respond to a "kill signal" that will render them effectively useless, thus allowing the tyrants to sleep easy at night knowing that they've effectively sabotaged the means of any would be resistance.

    Biden is also talking about this technology.

  22. Adrian Wilson


  23. nunya bidness

    What a great idea. A gun that the government can turn off. What could go wrong?

    Also, i dont trust my "smart phone", and it isnt responsible for protecting me and my family…

  24. Matthew Wilhoit

    Fuck Jersey

  25. Mike 01

    Only smart gun I want is one that hits bullseye every time

  26. Das Piper

    ~So called Smart Guns will have to be mandated and forced upon us because they will never ever be accepted by the American Firearm Owners. Once it is forced on us, then it is time for us to REVOLT.
    ~First, assuming we could even afford to buy an electronic smart gun, they must be EMP proofed. The Military has portable EMP machines which can be aimed to shut down your Smart Firearms instantly. I'm sure the Wicked Politicians know this and thinks we do not.
    ~A Revolution is creeping closer and closer to reality.

  27. Charles Huse

    How about pushing for smart politicians? Oh, wait…we have people like AOC. Smart politicians dont exist.

  28. Mike White

    A smart gun would be one that shot a bullet that the bullet would know who the bad guy is and would only hit the bad guy and miss any innocents

  29. robert baine

    LMAO,the people that run New Jersey are just stupid,just like the gay idiots in New York,funny stuff

  30. spookyazct

    Left the police department use them first.if they’re so dependable.??‍♀️

  31. Josh Rick

    You can have your right if you spend $5,000 per single action and single shot "gun" with 13 different locks so when you go to use it to protect yourself it locks up and the criminal kills you and takes the gun and cuts the locks off and uses it for crime. Well done New Jersey! New Jersey's government doesn't care about you, they only see numbers and if you die because of crime it's nothing to them, they'll just increase taxes to take your place.

  32. blackswordshinobi

    smart gun 2000 to 3000 dollar aint gunner hole plan to more higher no one can't buy a gun think god have arturnvie gun fit my need and training needs smart gun good on paper in real life might this gun only for James bond 007 and prow to emp and hacker yes hacker and water

  33. Nunya Bizness

    Why isn’t Section 241 Title 18 being enforced in America? These anti gun politicians are clearly violating our Civil Rights.
    “Conspiracy to violate Civil Rights” is the title of the Statute.

  34. Nunya Bizness

    Smart guns…..dumb idea.

  35. nellymacc91

    Umm so if they can make software that’ll lock a gun and keep it from firing, who’s to say they can’t make it fire on its own either? Then they’ll just try to blame it on the gun owner smh

  36. o bummer 14-4

    What they really want is the ability to turn off your gun with a radio frequency jamming technique. This makes me wonder if they have long-term plans of a dollar failure with our current Fiat money system. Which still probably roll out as a dollar reset

  37. Crash DJ

    I'm really getting sick of this. When are we going to start prosecuting lawmakers that put in unconstitutional bills into law?

    What they are doing is committing a crime. And yet we are allowing them to stay in power.

  38. Edward Teach

    If gun owners are treated as outlaws.???
    Then why not be an outlaw ????and don't comply.

  39. InkwellFoto

    Revolvers soar in popularity

  40. Steven Higby

    You guys are missing the point. They are going to put a smart chip in there that they can fry so your gun dose not work anymore that is the whole idea, that is why they cannot give them to the Police everyone would be running around clubbing each other because no ones gun would work.

  41. Bill douglas

    And what happens to your smart gun when an EMP happens or is created !!!!

  42. Daryl Walker

    Thank you for fighting for our rights! We desperately need National Right To Carry and a federal law stating that any firearm that is legal under federal law shall not be restricted by state law. Today we have an unconstitutional patchwork of state anti-gun laws that make a mockery of the Second Amendment. For example, when I visit relatives in California I am stripped of my constitutional right to carry for personal defense, even though in my home state my weapon is legal and my right to carry has not been infringed.