North Korean Soldiers Fire Guns AK47 VS. M16!!



Today, BUKSITAL TV reviewed guns AK47and M16!!
Hope you enjoy!


Thanks for watching.

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  1. kurt krill

    that is an old school m16.

  2. Steven

    Someone show these guys an ar15

  3. Kevin Gouldrup

    old weapon

  4. Ed Gonzales

    Can't compare guns to plastic bb guns

  5. David Sosa

    Youtube can we like get these guys to fire the real thing at a shooting range idk I think it would be badass like them trying a Desert Eagle, 50. Cal, and a P90

  6. Gekky Chans

    Super cool 🙂😎

  7. Scott.

    You are not getting a proper cheek to stock weld. Place the tip of your nose on the charging handle and you will have the proper distance to the rear ghost ring sight. Manual of arms is different. Not more complicated, just unfamiliar to you. For me an AR platform is like an extension of my body.

  8. takumi168

    They should have someone set up gun safety lesson for them first then let them shoot an AK and M16 at the gun range.

  9. name_ less

    I'd love to take these guys back to my range and shoot some sh** with real guns that they would definitely love. I'd even let them shoot all of my ak47's. Lol I think they'd like some of my other rifles more though.

  10. John Milks

    We don't actually use the m-16 anymore. It was phased in 2009ish to the m-4 and now thats about to be phased out. I believe starting next year. I heard they're leaving the 5.56 for the 6.50 but the contract hasn't been awarded yet as far as I know.

  11. SkoolyRatt

    Have them react to Full Metal Jacket

  12. SkoolyRatt

    This is my rifle, there are MANY like it BUT this one is mine…

  13. sparkplug1018

    Common guys, did they even teach trigger control in the DPRK?

  14. WJS

    It's kind of amazing that a culture that has been basically completely isolated from the rest of the world for the past 70 years has the exact same 'present arms' drill as everybody else.

  15. Jacob Glass

    M16s are pretty much fazed out of the military. The standard now is the m4a1

  16. Trevor Burgart

    As much as I love these guys, the North Korean lack of proper arms training is obvious, they can barely shoulder a rifle lmao

  17. Battlecruiser Plays

    I know these are toys but your lack of trigger discipline makes me anxious.

  18. Spongejeezy

    lmao if this is how you test guns then holy shit

  19. ATP Flight School-USA

    They think this is cool? Huh.

    One word: Sopmod

  20. Christa Free

    They're shooting bb guns lol. What my 3 yr old shoots. Take them to a gun range and let them shoot a real AK.

  21. Duane Mumford

    People are unaware of the reasons for the 223 was to wound not to kill, because if you wound someone you take out at least 2 people the one is shot and one who helps. Now this was the reasoning that the U S military had during the Vietnam War because it was fighting a gorilla police action not a real war ( this of course was a load of whatever) the original weapon that was used was the M14 which would have blown their minds ( and yes it was a heavy weapon and it shot the 7.62x51mm round same as the M60 ) but when you hit someone they went down and stayed down. Now a lot of people are going to have all kinds of response to this, so right up front I know that there is a lot more info about this but I don't type very well and do you have any idea what it's like to do this with Parkinson's it's a real bitch I do hope those gentlemen get a chance to come to the US and talk with some regular citizens and see what really happening in our country and God bless the President Mr. Trump

  22. Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E

    The 5.56 is less powerful but more controllable, the war is about who kills with greater speed and precision so in the worst case, if there is nothing more modern, I prefer the M16.

  23. Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E

    59 years late, but nice video.

  24. chaos817

    Go to Guam for the easily accessible civilian gun range

  25. TheBlue-R-I-S Justin

    I thought these guys were in the military They apparently have no trigger discipline and how the fuck are you gonna compare toys guns like compare real ones and compare what the us army use the m4 that's what they army uses now I think

  26. YueSean Wong

    They should try the M4, the one that is currently being used in the US