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  1. I feel like the reason the views are down is because of the new thumbnails. The best thumbnails were from the days of 2017/early 2018

  2. I may call myself a Quelle fan. His 2017 album was underrated, Everything's Fine was one of my Fav albums of 2018 and now this album so far is my rap album of 2019.

  3. Y'all should do the 10 year anniversary of Relapse…. in my opinion as far as the mainstream goes its the hardest (bars and content) and most underrated rap album ever. Also truly the last time we all ever to slim shady before the he went full recovery on us

  4. I’ve been watching your reviews for the last 5 or 6 years and it has been killing me that you haven’t reviewed one of his projects yet. Just couldn’t work out why you didn’t give this guy some shine. He is just so innovative and different. All his projects are just pure dope. Since Ni**as Is Men I‘ve been hooked.

    Shout out to Cavalier and Denmark Vessey as well. Dope hip hop.