Rep. John Lewis Takes Action on Guns


Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) leads his colleagues in taking action on gun violence on the House Floor
June 22, 2016

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  1. Chris Cruise

    John Lewis wtf? This isn't church you stupid bastard. You're not preaching to a civil rights crowd. The 60s are over asshole. Fuck retire already

  2. Jimmy Harry

    This idiot, gun laws or not terrorists or criminals will still get guns. It's better if normal people have guns to put them down. Liberals preach about guns but will support the murder of 3000 unborn babies everyday

  3. Coleen West

    John Lewis, in his old age, I am sorry to say, is simply not the man he
    once was. He has lost stature and has shrunk to this. What a sad sad
    sigh. A black voting right advocate who now hates — actually hates — the
    result of a free and fair election. Wow. Just Wow. Time, John, to
    hang up the skates and retire and walk that final walk into obscurity
    before you trash your waning reputation. It has been sad that the
    saddest thing in life is to watch what "old age does to a man." So

  4. Kirby Smith

    what a waste of DNA hes been hit in the head too many times

  5. Pudge

    They try to take guns from law abiding people!
    What a bunch of f**king as*****le hypocrites.

  6. Rebecca D

    what an inspiration, John lewis and the rest of those fighting for everyones lives in this country. thank you, thank you, for all you have done and continue to do.

  7. Kelly Taylor

    You all who are being so rude do realize that you can disagree with someone and still respect them right?

  8. SuperCorrector1

    Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) leads his colleagues in media CIRCUS.

    Fixed it for you!

  9. Servo

    I never saw him…John Lewis

  10. Deadspace Nightmare

    What a great and true speech, the UK loves you Rep. John Lewis.

  11. Mike Burg

    Thank you John Lewis.

  12. creee


  13. Jeff

    John Lewis=lying trash = when democrats had control of congress/and presidency I don't remember any gun bills that they introduced or passed. They shiiting politians only bitch to the amercan peopl e about what they would do if they were the majority..and then later when they are the majority, they never do it.. these pigs are corrupt to the core. I am also tried of the democrats trying to get votes by demonizing the republicans..when the democrats put the most corrupt person they can find as nominee. sad Hillary is too to jail.

  14. Jeff

    Its john lewis, the biggest piece of garbage in the house. I'm an independant, that alot of the time sides on democrats with issues. (real democrats, not this shiit that is in his video. First, I remember Mr. full of shiit john lewis lying about sanders, and then claiming that he met the clintons during the civil rights era. Most people have to lie to make Hillary look like something more than the lying trash that she is. Second…democrats had the house for obama's first two years…not one gun law…

  15. Carry Optics Innovation.

    Unfortunately the majority of the people don't see the problem. If Martin Luther King was alive today you probably have a heart attack from disappointment because the large number off violence it doesn't matter if his gun or not it comes from the black community and of course for Obama keep the release in this people on the road. Like I said if Martin Luther King was alive it will probably will be dad by now because all that he's done wasn't for nothing.

  16. Michael Kelly

    I cannot remember when a member of Congress gave me chills by a courageous action. This was important and it was brave and you can tell how effective it was by the way it outraged the far right. Please don't stop!!! We need to join you as a country because that is the only way things will change

  17. Ed Allen

    Question — How many of these same people chanting and demanding that we be stripped of our rights are actually gun owners?

    This is much like the California legislature, which voted 28 — 8 to exempt themselves from the California gun control laws that they are, even now, pushing and have gotten signed just this past week.

    Hypocrits all.

  18. maxcohen13

    While I respect the work and plight of Rep. Lewis' career as a civil rights activist and American, I believe this visible frustration is of no use to our congressional process. His argument over guns in America is simply not being given the credit and thought it deserves.

  19. BrianS FPV

    Rep. John Lewis was on the terror watch list. He obviously doesn't care about his own rights. Kinda strange for someone who used to fight for civil rights back in the day. I give that speech a 9/11 because it's suspicious and requires more investigation.
     Lebron Paul 2016.

  20. Phoenixxx Hulk9000

    John Lewis you are a hero!!!!

  21. SilentRiot

    you should put the blame on islam. it is fundamentally flawed and teaches hate. This is common sense, instead you prey on peoples emotion and choose to forward your treacherous agenda. Our country is freedoms last stand. You should be inprisoned for your betrayal to our country. You devalue the lives lost with your treachory.

  22. SilentRiot

    John Lewis is a traiter to out great nation.

  23. Riley Fenley

    Guns don't shoot people. People shoot people.

  24. Jeff Healey

    The one thing I like about that guy being in office is that it demonstrates clearly how retarded the people in his district in Georgia are.

  25. Spike DeHaan

    Fact… the USA has far fewer deaths involving guns than most of the world. Social media and news outlets make violent crime more accessable than ever. Every time something terrible happens the emotion driven people in this country want to infringe on the freedoms of the many from the acts of a few. Never has a sound, logical, or rational decision has been made out of emotion. Mass murder is terrible and should be condemned always but making laws to try and prevent something from occurring is big brother type action. We are free and shouldn't have our government looking over our shoulders or making decisions about how we live our lives…

  26. over under sideways down

    This libtard john lewis, looks just like the guy who shines my shoes at the car wash— but lewis isn't as well spoken and intelligent as that guy.

  27. Chris Knotts

    Your a fuck nigga

  28. A Standard Commenter

    This is one of the most powerful speeches I have ever heard. Thankyou.

  29. Shelley Wagoner

    Give it up you pack of treasonous traitors, guns are here to stay!

  30. Gypse Guera

    He crazy as a road lizard.

  31. Tina Taylor

    This guy is so inspiring

  32. Lee Dae-Jung Dae-Jung

    Americans arguing that if they take their guns they can't defend themselves against the government or criminals are as paranoid, ignorant and stupid as is humanly possible. The U.S.A is 10% smart, 90% violent religious hillbillies/rednecks. Get a grip

  33. Howard Walters

    Wake up,You are taking arms from innocent civilians. Any laws you pass,will not deter
    criminals and psychos

  34. Noah S

    Fix the people not the guns

  35. Jason Hanna

    Not to sound racist but this guy's speech reminds me of Martin Luther King Jr I don't know if it's on purpose or not

  36. General Erich Ludendorff

    Another way to show that YouTube's trending page is rigged

  37. Mayra

    People don't kill guns. Guns kill guns.

  38. ViperKnight94

    Yes there taking action…so grab some of those pledge vouchers and send them your $250 so your elected officials (which your taxes already pay for their salary) can fight extra special hard for you!

  39. Use Promo Code SHEKELS

    This makes me sick. It's not even a question, it's our right as Americans to own guns. Besides protection and all the other uses it was mainly to rebell against those pigs trying to take our rights.

  40. Bill Jones

    Why is it that nobody has a problem with driver's education, written and driving tests to get a driver's license that we have to pay for, but object to the slightest check to make sure someone trying to buy a gun is not a terrorist, felon, or just plain crazy?

  41. NeoDemocedes

    The US has a higher non-gun homicide rate than the total homicide rate (gun+nongun) of any first world country. No gun bill will solve America's violence problem. But some politicians are happy to take advantage of the situation to push their agenda.

  42. NeoDemocedes

    When you are emotional and angry, it is always best to make a really bad decision quickly rather than do nothing.

  43. MrSpringbokfan

    Lazy useless trash.

  44. Uncle Dano

    How embarrassing! Who elected these idiots? What a disgrace. We need to get rid of people like John Lewis and every other mind numbed blind political puppet.