Slow Motion Underwater Guns: Shark ammo — RatedRR


Slow Motion Underwater Guns: Shark ammo — RatedRR
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The Breakdown Slow Motion Underwater Guns: Shark ammo — RatedRR

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A little about the cameras I use:

RatedRR Slow Mo Camera: 1 — 1 million fps

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition: 120 fps

RED Epic: 24 fps

Vision Research Phantom Miro LC310: 3,630 fps

Vision Research Phantom Flex 4k:

Vision Research Phantom V1610: 1 — 1 million fps

Vision Research Phantom V1210: 1 — 1 million fps

Photron Fastcam SAX2:

Slow Motion Underwater Guns: Shark ammo — RatedRR the Breakdown

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  1. Jason Mullis

    I literally thought I was about to see you waste a shark..

  2. pcat1000

    Really loved, the lovely slo-mo under water films.

  3. xbon1

    Where's the fuckin shark brutality son? They deserve to get shot up.

  4. trmorx
  5. Habib Haji

    Thanks for uploading!?

  6. savage cabbage!!

    Think its safe to say ud be shark food

  7. Supreme Leader Nugget

    I’m assuming the pulsing water at 1:50 is because of the water being smashed into the other side at high speed.
    For example, when you drop a nuke in the ocean, the water spreads out, then sucks itself back in and collision of the water creates this huge burst up into the air.
    But because this was already under the water there was no burst, it just pulsed and pulsed and pulsed until the energy dissipated.

    Oh man, i actually sounded kinda smart there. Probably wrong though.

  8. Khaalid Scurry


  9. bery krraba

    You shouldn't put sharks head you prik you didn't not shoot a shark

  10. Eat Me

    Make a sharp spiral bullet that spins through the water like a drill through wood!

  11. ezeht

    that far away from the shark with a pistol would not even break the sharks skin

  12. America's Most Unwanted

    They never shoot a shark

  13. Vilma Payumo

    That is a cool shot under water

  14. Ken Helmers

    Amazing video! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. aspielm

    Poor sharks

  16. draven griphith

    .454 socom solid brass low velocity ammo

  17. Juan Vazquez

    widely literary corporation t-shirt proof stage mother gold factory.

  18. Ben Cobb

    why are those bubble clouds imploding in on themselves repeatedly?? that's so cool