Smart Guns Are Here: The Battle Over High-Tech Guns In America, Part 5 | AJ+ Docs


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Smart guns are here – is America ready for them? An inside look at the highly controversial push to bring new models of smart guns to the public and the police, including an exclusive look at the new Armatix iP9 9MM.

AJ+’s documentary series Guns in America explores how fear and power define Americans’ relationship with guns. The six-part series examines the controversy over assault rifles, guns in schools, the rise of concealed carry, the NRA’s new agenda, smart guns and record shooting rates in Chicago.

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  1. Jason Smith

    The problem with gun control advocates is that they don't know anything about firearms and there arguments are usually based on quarter truths at best. If those dummies in NJ hadn't burned the bridge before they crossed it might have worked. A gun ban will never happen I'll sit on my hands and let the conservatives get elected before I allow a gun ban. They need to focus on proper training and education as well as better mental health screening. Instead of looking at what people use to commit suicide find out why they commit suicide. Gun control advocates don't want to look at the root of violent/deviant behavior they focus on the tools used to express their aggression. Also 22lr isn't a good defensive caliber 9mm has proven much more effective in ballistics tests although there have been reports of 9mm rounds bouncing off of human skulls, so 22lr which is a smaller round that carries much less energy isn't recommended for defense. Most american gun owners are informed consumers and have a cursory knowledge of caliber development that is why we won't buy a 22lr it's not for people it's for small game like rabbit. Back to this NJ bill. This is exactly what is wrong with this country on so many levels. If i was that gun maker I would have cussed her out. It's a prime case of getting nothing becase you tried to TAKE more than what you should have ASKED for. I gotta stand with my brothers and sisters in NJ and I have to tell people not to buy that gun because of what will happen in NJ. I like most of your videos but i don't know how I feel about this one. I'm kind of a lefty but I'm pro 2nd amendment. I usually disagree with people on the left when it comes to the 2nd amendment.

  2. The Prestigious

    Smart guns are for dumbasses

  3. Jess Cast

    The link above does NOT work bc:
    "The owner of has configured their website improperly." and Browser does NOT connect.
    you guys need to fix that.

  4. Carlos Rivas

    you should make the smart gun able to fire when it runs out of charge and restrict it when it is fully charged

  5. strongheart227

    AJ+, people would probably take your publications more seriously if you were honest and didn't come from an anti gun bias. It is clear from watching your videos that your reporters have no respect for the second amendment or gun owners which is why videos like this are laughed at.

  6. nate weso

    i think smart guns are a good idea for the police force. Also, if any consumer wants to purchase this item all power to them. however, personally I prefer not to rely on technology. my phone, laptop, tv piss me off as is whenever their is a lag or a malfunction. go ahead bring these tech guns to the market but dont you dare prohibit real guns!

  7. Padron OpusX

    It still works as a gun and fires a bullet right? So all you need to do is remove/modify the lock mechanism from the gun. Now it's just a normal gun. How will this feature make any difference?

  8. Dabbinwaxallday Dabbinwax321

    What good would it do to have guns if the government could possibly shut them off so nobody can use it?

  9. shananagans5

    Anyone that thinks this will sell in the US is totally clueless. First off, the technology isn't reliable yet. If they get to a point where the technology is "reliable" the gun community will test it to the point of failure & deem it unreliable. When a gun gets a reputation of not working right, it's the kiss of death to that model. Even if they fix any real issue, nobody will want something with a bad reputation.
    No doubt, they can get the technology to work but, it's not a technology many people are going to want. The few that do want it will be chastised by the many that don''t. The vast majority of gun owners are also hobby shooters & nobody wants a gun that other gun owners will give them a hard time over.
    Ruger nearly went under in the early 90's because Bill Ruger said he didn't think civilians needed more than 10 rounds & didn't sell a 30 round magazine with the Mini14. Ruger rapidly changed their position & explained that Bill Ruger no longer had any power but Ruger was seen as supporting gun control. It took years for them to recover, even after Bill Ruger was gone. This company is seen as supporting gun control from the get go.
    Now, we come to the actual design of the gun. Assuming the electronics work, they also need to design a gun that both works and appeals to people. It's rare for a totally new model to become popular. It happens but it's a long shot. Most gun models evolve. They make small changes to already popular models.
    Now, we come to cost. You can buy a new M&P for $400 +/-, a new Glock for about $500 or you can go with something a little more traditional like a Beretta 92FS for $100 more.
    Even if the Smart Gun legislation is repealed, this gun, this company & this technology is viewed by the gun community as a political threat. The gun community views this as the technology anti-gun people are trying to push. Even if the technology was 100%, even if the base design was attractive & reliable, even if it could be sold for $500, it would fail due to the politics behind it.

  10. Mike B

    Bob the gun dealer: "I want the ability to sell a smart gun to Paul if he wants one"
    Paul the gun buyer: "I want to buy a smart gun from Bob"
    Pro gun person: "That's against the 2nd amendment and if you do we will shoot you"
    Americas logic

  11. Phuong Hua

    i wonder if the government can electronically lock someone's smart gun. emp. more room for error. technology has to a 100%. lol. gl.

  12. Trever Huft

    Say I injure my right arm and I have to shoot with my left now the gun will not fire because the watch is on my right arm. Say the government once you dead they'll just come in and turn off your bracelet or watch or whatever you want to call it so that way you're completely defenseless

  13. Trever Huft

    So what happens when we get an EMP? What happens when you're charge runs low? What happens when your gun gets wet? What happens when I want to pass on the gun to my son wife mother or if I just want to sell it?

  14. frogbear02

    Is it to read intentions too? 1/3rd of gun related deaths are suicides..Not sure how you commit suicide with someone else pulling the trigger so..This does nothing.

  15. Your Pal

    BS. electronics break all the time. vibrations, abuse, hacking, wear & tear, humidity, climate cold/heat changes, etc… It will NEVER work. the average household probably has at least 20 kitchen knives. do we see Americans killing each other with knives? where did they get the 1.6 million households with kids & unsecured guns? really? sounds BS big time

  16. Chris Schoe

    Smart guns are a horrible idea

  17. Jerry Wick

    It won't work.  It would costs too much.  Not only that,  it would drive the prize of firearms to the roofs.  After doing so,  they pass a legislation banning currently made handguns and all firearms that are not so called "smart guns".  So now,  the current smart gun available to the market would costs too much for the majority of the consumers.  In the end,  the politicians wins,  cause all they really want in the first place?  Was to ban all firearms once and for all.

  18. WKZworks

    I could see this having practical use within a prison, but for most real-world application, if something were to malfunction electronically where the weapon would not operate, it could be a death sentence. This is particularly true for a conceal carry weapon or for a law enforcement officer.

    So what does this mean? It means if these guns were to go mainstream to the point where they'd be mandated by police officers, that I could ambush them using a homemade EMP device….and they'd simply die not being able to return fire.

    Buy them if you want them, but we need legislation to prohibit their mandate.

  19. Therealfactor 57

    Some people are shooting up a school and one of the other people get one of their guns and try to shoot the shooters but the gun won't shoot

  20. Corey Gray

    Our smart gun law here in NJ isn't being repealed, but might be modified to allow both smart guns and normal guns on shelves. Loretta Weinberg says she will change the law that says only smart guns can be sold in the State once they are sold in the US. But who knows, that may not happen as Phil Murphy might become Governor ?

  21. Xavier McBride

    The dumbass concept of a smart gun makes as much sense as a gun that shoots turds any way to disable this is simply remove the power for one destroy the circuit disassemble the firearm and find where it impedes the Firearms ability to fire

  22. itsoverhal9000

    The problems he's trying to fix can already be fixed with a gun safe.

  23. Kyle Bradley

    Next step is magnet control since that's all you need to bypass the lock.

  24. Mike Peterson

    This segment is predictably skewed and politically written/edited. AJ has painted the gun companies as not wanting to develop smart gun technologies, when in fact the industry has absolutely tried. And been rejected, by among others, the law enforcement community. These technologies are so far hugely flawed, and until they aren't, no one with two IQ points to rub together is going to embrace it. One out of seven US cops shot to death in the line of duty are killed with their own pistol after it was taken away from them. There is NO ONE in the US who wants smart gun tech to work more than they do, and yet they consistently, consistently reject it. Why? Maybe it's because a lot of cops wear puncture-resistant gloves all the damn time to avoid getting stabbed with needles while searching pockets? So bio-systems using fingerprints simply are of zero value. Or maybe they realize that RFID transmitters can be jammed, and the second they start using that version of the tech, the criminals will start jamming their guns in their holsters. This isn't a story folks. This is anti-gun propaganda made to sell clicks and likes, and reinforce your ignorant biases. Don't let them, please.

  25. ButtOnAStick

    No don't put that on our guns

  26. Shekelton

    There's an old saying "You can't fix stupid". If a kid shoots themselves then it is the parents fault for not teaching them, and the media and government's fault for censoring anything firearms related.

  27. Shekelton

    "Smart guns" are the dumbest thing since Hillary Clinton

  28. Manny Ribera

    Exam — Film

  29. Burning Hammer Studios

    this is something i would get


    Now I'm just waiting for terrorists to start using emps
    Headline terrorists kill hundreds and police can't do anything to stop them

  31. jamesbkovach

    I'm not against smart guns however there are many problems they need to address, and solving these problems would be next to impossible.

    1. The gun needs to be impervious to induction, signal noise, and electronics jammers.
    2. Needs to function in harsh weather conditions; Snow, rain, extreme heat, extreme cold, mud, etc…
    3. Mechanism would need to be 100% reliable
    4. Not rely on charged batteries.
    5. Not impede the performance of the firearm.
    6. Add very little weight to the firearm.
    7. Mechanism would need to be able to withstand the violent percussion forces of thousands of rounds.
    8. The firearm itself would need to compete in a market filled with already great performing guns. A challenging task for existing gun manufacturers, and a very difficult task for a new manufacturers.
    9. The firearm needs to be sold at a reasonable price.

  32. J R

    once they have developed a good smart accidental discharge proof technology standard they need to move. towards creating different types ammunition to. incapacitate would be attackers

  33. Aidan Barnes

    police there to protect the public not themselves and their families

  34. Anti Fun

    Oh the cops don't want to use Smart Guns? Who would of thought?
    Why don't they try marketing them to NATO or the US military next? I'm sure they would get a good laugh out of it.

  35. Ian Loughney

    5:20 "My thinking was if you don't think smart guns are gonna work, don't buy a smart gun"

    -The Woman Who Wrote a Law Mandating Smart Guns

  36. 8aleph

    I will have NO gun that can be zapped into uselessness by an EMP device, only an idiot would trust an Obama recommended type firearm. In any case smart guns are really extremely dumb. I question how a smart gun could in anyway lower firearms deaths.

  37. Thisisurcapt

    only dumbies will buy this, this gun is not SAFE! This gun might make someone think the gun is safe.

  38. LordF

    This is great. The reason why violence escalates in police officer encounters with disarmed suspects is because there is a gun in the picture. If a police officer is knocked out by an angry drunk or a random thug, the officer could die. Not so with smart guns. Police could be a lot more conservative in their use of violence, a luxury they cannot afford today.

  39. Sam G

    It's a political reason why