Libertarian gun rights activist Kaitlin Bennett talks gun control, Alex Jones, and apologizes for some of her actions.
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.


  1. Paul, what happened? What about you and your brother tazing people with Patty Mayo. You had fun with that gun. Your buddies on Impaulsive are what most of us call BETA males. Tuffn up Butter-Cups.

  2. What a bunch of soft weak bitches. Clearly they have had a soft comfortable life. They live inside their bubbles they see horrible events cycled through on the news and it scares them. And they think, hey let's make the gun the killer used illegal. Then he won't have access to it in the future. Just like every other great society in history soft and weak offspring will destroy a culture and society built by the strong men before them.

  3. Idiot wearing yellow has nothing to add to this episode. You're better off sitting in the corner stingtfu. These 3 libtards are pathetic

  4. Hey, soy boys, you do realize that Kaitlyn IS doing something tangable to change actual policy. Because of her, people like Joel Patrick, and others, going on betahuman podcasts like this to bring actual facts to the debate, more people are changing their views and leaving the super progressive democratic party in record numbers to become independants and conservatives through factual ingormation.

  5. I love how after yelling at her and berating her they tell people not to threaten her. Dude you guys just grossly attacked her and yell at her for not budging but Spence and Mike are set in their ways just as much but cant see it. THEN SPENCE TELLS HER TO MEDITATE TO CALM DOWN AFTER HE JUST GOT MAD AND YELLED AT HER. fucking pompous idiots

  6. Listen to mikes personal attacks cause hes a retard and triggered. Its like every other far leftist they cant fathom an opinion thays not from their own echo chamber

  7. All I can say is Kaitlin is one sexy smoking'-hot young woman with a clear mind and rational ideas — everything I like in a real woman. I love her! I'm not a big gun nut myself, but I think we should have the right to own them. About these impish dudes on here… they're either kind of immature or outright irritating, but with moments of levity. So yeah, they need to mature a bit. They're still boys. Moving along…

  8. I totally agree with Caitlin. But, I find this only as entertainment. I think that even Caitlin refuses to see, guns are not and should not be the major point. The major point is this. You can not have peace when you have goats, chickens, wolf's, and snakes all in the same corral. We started out as a Christian nation. Those that hate that fact then hate our heritage. Our early heritage believed in God, and trusted his word. It's the heart of the people that what the problem is today. Deal with that problem and all the other problems will melt away. If you drop a turd in the middle of the kitchen, and instead of cleaning it up, people decide to put bleach, candy sprinkles, baking soda etc. That's what this show is doing. Clean up the turd. Problem solved

  9. No dummy, read the federalist papers and the 9th amendment. Rights exist. Period. The government does not grant them. The governments job is to make sure we keep them. What part of “shall not be infringed “ don’t you understand?

  10. Govt cant keep a high profile inmate alive in a jail cell…. and we should expect them to protect EVER freewalking human in the USA….. i think not!!

  11. Just adding to this conversation of guns.. I think it's also the fact that guns are so much easier to release destruction/pain vs a hammer or hand/feet. It takes more effort to use blunt objects in that manner where as a gun is a trigger with a big outcome. Or, to take attention off guns knives as well are like that, they so easily can cut us, etc. So I think this is what worries people, its just so easy to fuck up with a gun on purpose or by mistake, and that's scary to people so they vote to remove them in total. I'm from Canada, we love shooting off guns, skeet shooting, hunting etc but we always keep in mind that our weapons are still dangerous and need to be handled with care and awareness/safety.

  12. Wow these guys said so many things that are just way off.
    "You can't have a conversation" Spencer
    That's all she is doing is trying to have a conversation
    "You belong in a mental asylum " mike
    Who says that to someone as calm as collected as her wtf

  13. 3 dude's with a testosterone level of a female dog and a neck like a stack of dimes arguing with a female.
    Get on a range and shoot.
    I've never seen bigger beta males in my life