The Top 5 Guns to PANIC BUY (For Beginners) (Coronavirus Edition)


Background checks and gun buys were up 300% last week. There are brand new gun owners out there who panic purchased firearms for the flugaloo without any guidance whatsoever. In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves gives advice to beginners on what the best guns are for personal defense and tells you why. Check it out.

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  1. damian anderson

    Theirs no 9mm any fukin where

  2. Hey How are you?

    I've been shooting ar-15s forever.

  3. IraqUpBeaches

    I wanna know the percentage of first time panic buyers that don't know you're suppose to clean/maintain your guns lol.

  4. Lance Davis

    I can't believe you didn't mention the hipoint carbine! Its price point makes it a great choice for noobs.

  5. John Nowak Kind Sir

    3:33-Name of this gun?

  6. h20gamer

    I bought a ar about 2 months ago and a few days ago i picked up a 357 magnum for less than $500.00 i like 357 magnum its fun it has dual caliber use .38 special and 357 magnum is fun revolver

  7. Alex Bouchie

    I bought a semiauto mp40

  8. Devon Farmer

    I turned of age to buy a hand gun as soon as the Rona hit but i managed to get a p10c

  9. aaron godderidge

    Bird shot will 100% kill you at point blank. i do agree that much past 25 yds it would be non lethal however most self defense situations take place in3-7 yards……

  10. Zarin M

    excuse me? Glocks have no saftys? they have 3 per gun O_O

  11. Simon David

    SIG P226 as a handgun and SIG 550 as a rifle all day.

  12. Zaphod

    Damn it. Just as I'm starting to get in to guns in civilian life, this pandemic has made them all scarce and ammo even more scarce. Not to mention I live in a liberal ass state so gun shops are few and far between in the first place.

  13. eriko9

    Idk man the look in that guys eyes @ 8:42 kinda scares me

  14. Markmen22

    Bought an M1 Abrams tank for a first gun it works great!

  15. Thrash44041

    Ummm… wow just found this channel.

    If he would have said 12 ga birdshot at 50 yards isnt lethal with a few things thrown in. But Point Blank lost me. Shoot anything at point blank range not spread its nasty. Full choke makes it effective. Home defense is 15 yards and under. Come on dude you say a lot of good stuff but that comment was a bit silly.

  16. Daniel Nails

    I got a lever action 3030, 12 gauge, and a Ruger 22

  17. Michael Ellis

    Mini 14/30 is a much simpler design, easier to handle for a novice. People who are panic buying for defense, do you really think they're going to spend the time to train and stay proficient? Tell them to buy a mini 14!

  18. Michael Oppenheimer

    I have no problems whatsoever with a mini-14, reload and the handling is great but then I'm also ex-military so I can adapt any weapon quite and effectively, in New York they have completely neutered AR-15, and I know how big of a fan of the AR you are, but you would not like the ones that are legal here, it's really quite disgusting what they have done to the AR-15, one you have to break the rifle open from the and feed it from the top via a stripper clip or a pump-action AR-15, or one you cannot hold onto !!!

  19. steelrain7.62API

    What's wrong with an XD?

  20. empty pockets

    I don't care what Clint says. I love my ar15 300blk I run a 12in barrel in a pistol configuration and it drives tacs out to 130yrds

  21. dave ottinger

    have you gotten your hands on the black aces pro series shotguns?