«The Wall of Guns» — Cadian Shock Troopers («Updated») — Otherwise — Soldiers


«To each of us falls a task. And all the Emperor requires of us Guardsmen is that we stand in line, and we die fighting. It is what we do best : we die standing.»
— General Sturnn of the Cadian 412th Imperial Guard

Hello guys and gals, I decided that my Last Cadian Tribute wasn’t the best, Decided to try and rework it and add a more «fitting song» Let me know that you think. Also, I’ll be putting my focus into the 3 remaining legions White Scars, Alpha Legion, and the Word Bearers

Hope you enjoy 🙂 Have any ideas for the next tribute video? Comments on the song used? Let me know.

Song, pictures and Video’ clips belong to respective owners and Warhammer 40k is copyrighted and owned by Gamesworkshop I do not own any of the music or pictures or Video clips seen in the video, This is for entertainment nothing else Enjoy 😀

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  1. Stephen CSAXXX Bialkowski

    For the Emperor!!
    Long live the Imperial Guards!!

  2. Al Vere

    evem CADIA was the BEST defighted PLANET/SATRSYSTEM/WORLD at 40K Galaxy! ABADDON had now onby 10 Millions ASTARTES, 900 Millions DARK MECANICIM, 90 Milliarden GUARDE and CULTIEST and 400 Millions //Nimmergeboreren//! ATTACK! THIS TIME ABBADON will KILL CADIA and all HUMANS=> called XIII: CRUSADE

  3. Noodles are Hot

    The best faction in 40k hands does

  4. General Joe

    The Imperial guard are almost like the Russians very tenacious in battle.

  5. Cedric Grabowski

    i hate how super Soldiers think they are cool when they kill a cadian shock trooper but they just got op armour >:(

  6. PsyTaz LoL

    Heresy !!!! You use confidential imperial video archives. According to the Codex of the Inquisition your machine will be purified by a remotely controlled explosion.

  7. Helmwall

    As the planet cracked in twain humanity still fought before the the remains was swallowed by the warp

  8. Dasis Leudagar

    Kudos for that sweet editing at 1:25. Great sync !

  9. COMMISAR Bern

    40 k vs starcraft

    Guardsman 1: Shit !!! The Zerg have us surrounded!!!!!!!!
    Guardsman 2: Those poor Zerg!!!.

  10. Frank Koschmidda

    wieso gibt es keine weiblichen Soldatenminiaturen? Werden die in Gebärhäusern gehalten?

  11. Northern Crusader

    People say the Marines are the strength of the Imperium….I disagree

    you don't need a fancy weapon to protect your home, all you need is the courage to stand up to the universe

  12. azrael D. k

    Ah the imperial meatshiel- I mean guard vs tyranids good vs tau eh vs chaos space marines who are either veterans from the great heresy or (and more likely) vat grown marines who will not give two sh*ts about getting stabbed by a bayonet or getting shot by a flashlight…yeah unless you got heavy weapons or a LOT of guns or your luck is on a GODLY level your boned (figuratively and literally depending on who your fighting)

  13. 40K Boss

    Eat your fucking heart out Krieg.

  14. tommytheGuy

    We all have to admit
    The guardsmen are the real badasses of 40k
    True valor is shown by them all, this was o fucking good xD

  15. Global Occult Coalition

    Cadian shocks vs Death Korps of Krieg hmmm ??

  16. Zombieslayer2371

    Love this song

  17. steven flynn

    Awesome video love all of it and the song is amazing

  18. Kekommissar Hall


  19. Thecommander248

    Whoa Emperor, those tyranid were getting way too close for comfort.

  20. Ammonium Nitrate

    thats a lot of fives those gaurdsmen didn't roll

  21. el azteca armijo

    Spetnaz training in the 60-70's colorized

  22. The Timejumper

    "When the battle is over, and the xenos are driven back, take a moment and look over the faces of those brave men and women who survived. You will not see warriors, you will not find the cold, embittered faces of those trained from birth to kill.

    No, you will see shopkeepers and forgehands, clerks and farmers. People pulled from their homes by a greater calling, a call from the very soul of Humanity, crying out for aid against the encroaching darkness. None of started out wanting to be soldiers, but when our very species was threatened by forces which sought to erase us from the universe, they gladly took up arms to defend us.

    We do not fight just to defend Terra or Mars, or any one world inhabited by humans. No, every human who dons the uniform and raises a lasgun against the alien is not fighting for a single world. They fight for all worlds. For every world which has born the starry gaze of mankind. For every child who looks up into the night sky and dreams of sailing the stars. For every colonist looking to start a new life on a new world.

    So let the xenos come, for there is a great wall standing in their way, a wall not made up of those born to kill, but of those who kill to protect. And when the cowards and traitors say they have no need for the Emperor's might, remind them of what has protected them from the nightmares, of who protects them. A force greater than fear, greater than rage, a force of hope, and of a promise for the future, so that mankind may survive, and until all things pass into the veil of night, our descendants may look back and remember when we stood in the face of death, with teeth bared and rifles raised."

  23. Isma Haziq

    Their soldiers may not be strong but their tanks and robots are the strongest than other factions

  24. Vorian Dumm

    Daddy, is that ichor is see spreading out of the Nids ?
    Nah, kid, it's cucumber-sauce.