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  1. If the person in charge of that post office doesn’t want you in their post office then you guys have to leave and you guys can be charged with trespassing!!

  2. This is where you need to send another person in filming and asking for the Same information that you were just asking for while the cops are still there Then again after they leave

  3. 15:20.. Wow, he was winging it for sure. He was just making shyt up because he knew he was on camera. He became a cop so he could carry a gun and tell people what to do. How can you educated people when your ignorant of the same laws you're enforcing? A teacher can't educate people if they don't know anything themselves..

  4. I’m surprised as to how many of your viewers lack knowledge of the laws!! This guys are the last persons that I would ask about the laws

  5. You contradict yourself. You talk about doing this to express your 1st amendment right but talk about lawsuit money. Same goes for the time you flashed a stack of money from a lawsuit. No bueno.

  6. CHP officers they have no education they go straight from high school to the California Highway Patrol Academy so no people skills they need a little bit more of a location I need to study loss and this will be a different world

  7. I agree with some of the others here. While the cops were in the wrong, to shout out rude comments to them isn't doing anybody any good….it makes you sound childish. I've seen a lot of your videos, and you always end up shouting out rude comments to the police. I've seen other people's videos where they are polite, but firm in their comments to the police, and they sound a lot more mature than you do. There is no reason to call the police names, they are only doing their job, and if they don't know the law as well as you do, they shouldn't be called names because of it. If you are attempting to do what you say you want to do, and that is to educate the police, calling them names isn't going to educate them.

  8. When can citizens start firing bad public servants ?
    I don’t understand how the public that pays for the property can get kicked off of the property that they paid for and less they’re committing a crime. Police property is not private property did the police pay for it out of their own paychecks? No! It’s paid for by taxpayers therefore unless you’re actually committing a crime I don’t see how you can legally be removed because you paid for it why isn’t it a law that police officers cannot violate your civil rights? Or is it in the authorities/ government are just turning a blind eye. I would really like someone to get arrested when they aren’t willing to go to the sidewalk and then hear that they hired an attorney who turned around and successfully sued the police department and then you realize that the public on government property to school the cops

    Cop: Main reason I took this job is to help people

    Me: : then you chose the wrong career

    Everyone : if you want to job that over reaches his power and authority and a job that is essentially a grown-up version of a schoolyard bully where laws aren’t applicable to you but applicable to everybody else and you’re constantly trying to find out other people are violating it then you chose the right career