Top 10 Guns You Should Never Sell


This video takes a look at the 10 best guns to keep a hold of since not only will you make money on them in the long run, but also because of how awesome these firearms are.

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  1. Donny Martin

    How to disasemble1942 22 calaber semi automatic bolt action rifle

  2. Ralph Du Bois

    Great choices… Now you need to make a Top Ten (In)Expensive Guns You Should Never Sell. One I would suggest is the Ruger Security Six .357, my favorite revolver. Grace and peace.

  3. Joe Smith

    I noticed how nobody mentioned the colt python

  4. Porter Rockwell

    J.C. Penny catalogs had army surplus rifles for sale very cheap when I was young. Wish I'd bought a bunch of them.

  5. Joeri Zaman

    Sturmgewehr (STG44)?

  6. alejandro purca


  7. Inebriated Gaming

    I never sell guns I keep them till the day I die


    I agree with Rich, never sell any

  9. Isac Jonsson

    I hope some random company starts mass producing them so they lose their worth and rarity.

  10. The Chico & Poppy Show


  11. The most okay person ever

    Why would you need to import something made in America

  12. Nicholas Pietrzak

    Ya sold my sks and severely regret it

  13. Tesna Tesna

    "Number nine: The Russian Dragunov! Imported to the United States under the name of, 'the Tiger'.
    1) The image is a Romanian PSL.
    2)Tigrs and SVDs are not the same thing.

    Also, thanks for helping to dry up the secondary market and helping your fellow fudds to rationalize their asinine prices.

  14. Ray Morrison

    Colt python it a good gun to not sell

  15. homer randall

    the rifles shown are all well and good. BUT, ya really missed a main stay, of which I own 2. the 1912 Springfield 30.06. bolt action. this is what I use from hunting to base line home defense. I only use 180 grain rounds. This should have been on that guys list. note. I modified both to hold magazines that hold 10 rounds. better than breach load, and holds more. and more is always better!! had to really shop around for those 10 round mags though.

  16. Tam Honks

    Ex fucking cuse me?! The "Russian Dragunov" you showed is a Romanian psl.

  17. Edwin Gallardo

    President like collecting guns like you'god family and guns, really nice guns,is great collecting guns, perfict like guns "anyway have nice day"?

  18. Victor Torres

    I hate guns. Missles, rockets, bombs, mortars are more my thing

  19. shikat2371

    I don't know about you folks but I ain't gonna sell my Walther PPK chambered in .32 acp. That's the gun that Hitler used to kill himself, thereby, ending WWII. That's also the gun that 007 himself made famous and carried as his sidearm from Russia With Love all the way to Spectre, with a few exceptions in between. So, like some of the guns featured on this video, the PPK has a storied history.

  20. Steve Duvall

    I sure as hell wouldn't sell any of my 12 rifles and I'd never purchase any of yours, too old fashioned but to each his own as long as they work for you.

  21. logan pollock

    I would absolutely agree with the first eight firearms. Every time I've shot a Dragunov, it was courtesy of the owner wanting to sell it. I just sold a Mosin-Nagant 91/30 sniper version with the original PU scope. I am still kicking myself for not buying my M14 from the army for $42 in 1974.

  22. Jacob Pottala

    I hate when people say Worlwor 2

  23. l o

    Shirt collars are about to get airborne,
    better affix tie down straps next time.

  24. jim n. wei

    Walther p38 <—- my darling ? ? ?

  25. We Are Legion!.

    If I ever get my hands on a M1 Garand I'll never let it go!. I've wanted one ever since I could shoot!.

  26. John Collins

    The P210 was made by SIG before there was a SIG-Sauer

  27. GaterAids

    The P.38 is pre-WW2 it was made in 1938, it's literally in the name.

  28. Anthony Bourque

    Forgetting The Springfield
    Model 1903 ?

  29. Colorado Squibnic

    Everyone's saying Colt Python, I'd like to change that to just about ANY vintage Colt double action revolver

  30. Manikapiptili Sanchez

    Where are you getting these prices from?

  31. Tyler Gilles

    I got a 1911 pre ww2 that says gen on tje side

  32. Rocks and Oil

    I've owned 4 and still own 3

  33. occamsrager

    I remember when you could by p38's for chump change.

  34. Larry Pesek

    Yep… I knew I should never had sold that SKS! Solid machine… Had an early dated one too… 🙁

  35. Nevermind

    What? No shotguns? Shameful.

  36. georgiamule

    Why collect guns if not to sell or trade them. Wait until you die and leave them to family or friends who probably won't care about them beyond their sell value? If you have a person who shares your love of guns, you're fortunate. But what if you only have family with no interest in your collection? Leave your collection to them and their husbands? My suggestion, when you get old, keep one or two for personal protection and hunting, and sell, give away or donate the rest. That way, you control that other enthusiasts enjoy them as much as you have, and reduce the possibility of them ending up in a pawn shop somewhere, only to be sold to amateurs or criminals.

  37. David Runyon

    What about 1926 colt woodsman 22lr simi auto?

  38. Ron Martin

    This guy is a Dumb@$$!

  39. Jeremy Laxton

    Cool selection of guns, but what about a American made selection? like, 180 series mini14, Weatherby custom deluxe 270wby, ruger, " flat top revolver and guns like those… Thanks for the video

  40. ElCineHefe

    M1A, Hi-Power. S&W 5900. Most 308 or 30-06 bolt actions.

  41. Ryan Knox

    I want the m1 and Luger

  42. Mark Finch

    Gare und?

  43. Richard Vinciguerra

    That Colt Det . is a S&W Mod. 36 !!!!

  44. memnok magee

    yeah you bet, jesus was a fn gun nut figure it out, he was a liberal and you fools are romans

  45. William Rouse

    Grandpa's ole double barrel 12 gauge winchester

  46. Edwin Gallardo

    President is good guns really great gun rifles full automatic alot of fun" there???

  47. Nathan Hime

    I would love to get my hands on a WWI 1911.

  48. Michael Ledford

    I began collecting in 1963 when I picked up my 1st M-1 for $80 still wrapped in factory wax paper but my father began collecting in 1920 , he bought 2 Thompson police special packages with cases for $180 , I own 2 Detective snub nose 38s my wife carried for years before adopting the Makerov 9mm as her carry weapon , I became a prepper with my father in 1959 when we built our bomb/blast/fallout shelter & that's when collecting started getting out of hand , my dad bought a dozen Enfields and a dozen combat magnums , I still use a Colt Python as my everyday carry piece , for preppers the best firearms to buy are matched caliber carbines and revolver combos along with the Remington 870 12 gauge , we have combos in 45acp , 357 magnum and 147 grain 9mm but my all time favorite rifle is the Marlin 444 of which we own 3 , fitted with optics it's one hell of a stand off rifle .

  49. David Daniel

    This guys full of shit. SKS $600? M1- G price tag?Dude. Go away.