Top 5 Banned Guns


Before 1989, the marketplace for semi-automatic rifles in the USA was much broader and offered consumers many interesting choices. Some 25 years later things have recovered a bit, but still there are many designs from abroad that enthusiasts in the USA simply cannot get ahold of due to arbitrary rulings.

In this list, we take a look at five guns that are legal to own, buy, and sell in the US, but are banned from import.

I’ll admit, making this video made me sad 🙁

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  1. Anthony Finckbone

    I own what I want to own.

  2. Mr. Archnemesis

    I need to move to an island and establish my own country. Only thing banned are democrats and Muslims.

  3. Eric Ferguson

    Now I know where Canada got its "Firearm Restriction Table " from. Around 1991 a whole whack of guns were banned for no apparent reason. M14s are still allowed, but no G7 or FAL, for instance. The Mini 14 used in the mass shooting that prompted the overhaul of Canadian Gun Laws remains non-restrcted. Gun Laws are written by folks who know nothing about guns and who have an irrational hatred for them. Meanwhile, criminals who want guns just go and get a gun with no magazine limits or background checks.

  4. d_tha_great 504

    Gun laws make me sad

  5. James Strong

    You sound like a gun sommelier like a wine sommelier but for guns ? good God you got a brain for guns.

  6. John Omalley

    I really enjoyed your video!! The problem is do to medical conditions, I'm living in a retirement community, unable to even hold a rifle, pistol, etc. Brings back memories of; H.and K, Colt at -15, Ruger, S.& Wesson.etc. etc. My love; working, bluing, loading, cleaning, friendship of o others like me. What a life I had!!!!

  7. Capt Nemo

    Yeah right Chicago turns criminals lose who use guns to commit crime sure banning guns from citizens is working real good

  8. Apache Wolf

    The reason the ban went into effect is because of the perfect quality of these firearms and US companies became very afraid. Old man Bush's ban was a crock of political bullshit.

  9. Zane Petty

    I stopped supporting the NRA and I still have arguments with my dad about it

  10. FiestaVan

    "The FNC just works"

    Woah slow down there Gunn Howard.

  11. Darth Cappucino

    Not if you have a class 3 weapons dealer license

  12. Yeup Lee

    They were banned because they looked so ugly

  13. Bubba Dude

    You know what HK stands for right?

    (Heckler and Koch)

  14. Ossi Myllymäki

    You can stil get sling for your Valmet m62

  15. Jean-Ian Simard

    It's executive orders like that that you know there was a big bribe paid to the president.

  16. Quentyn73

    Hk are total jerks so good that a couple of their models are banned.

  17. Greg Pip

    Stupid tyranny 🙁

  18. Steve Rosebud

    Bushes are new world order 100% as are the Clinton's.bill only got.elected cause he did a favor of allowing cocaine shipments in the 80s for Bush Sr. He got paid back by becoming president. This is conspiracy you think? Do the research, spend hours. Read FOIA docs, and come to the conclusion.

  19. joshua reeves

    I absolutely hate barrettas safteys engage the wrong direction wtf you complete ruin a gun with one stupid saftey that is easily fixable

  20. Ramzi M

    What do you mean by "stamped"? Sorry, I do not know the lingo as I am new to this scene

  21. Pixic

    Nice of you to mention Swedish AK5. ?
    Those are great.

  22. VetteguyC6

    As a one time owner of a H&K 93 you aren't missing anything by not being able to get one. Proprietary magazines, scope mounts, pretty much anything you wanted to do with the rifle you had to buy from H&K and they always were 2 to 3 times the cost of the same item for any AR rifle. They are heavy and although I regret some guns I have gotten rid of over the years that wasn't one of them.

  23. dark avengers

    Admit it…Israeli weapons are the best…every country uses them

  24. paintBallprepperTMV AwomanIsAntichrist

    Any gun control laws of any kind infringes on the right to bare arms and your 2ed amendment is infringed on already!

  25. Angel Smith

    Bush did 9/11

  26. briansawesomeshow

    Nice rolex

  27. Son Patates Bükücü

    Turkey : Top 1 billion banned weapons

  28. Dominik Gans

    Only reason for ban is, some of Thema wasnt build in USA.. stupid logic