In this Five Guns video we go over some of our top choices just in case the man pays you a visit.

This series is for humor and satire only…and to look at cool guns. If you can’t take a joke, you don’t have to watch…


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  1. About the only gun i could possibly afford is the FN hand gun without the suppressor , but IMO the shotgun is your all do it all bad boy, cant beat your mossberg 500 for price and function

  2. Websters definition is the following- The Man- Corrupt government official controlled LEO or Military personal. All of which are controlled by the Rothchild family

  3. The best thing to do is to give them your guns………. one hot piece of lead after another….! Dont let them rape your rights. If they come for mine Im Serving up a huge helping of hot fresh HELL !!! Hope u do the same………

  4. i had a 50 cal in the early 70s it was hooked on to a 106 recoiless rifle gun jeep 82nd airborne 2/504th. i was the loader and gunner tons of fun. out

  5. For what all those guns cost you could buy your own artillery piece. Literally! Nothing stops the man like a double load of canister from a 12 lb howitzer!

  6. If you Don't have a shotgun afew glocks or smith and wessons and a rifle youre not ready for the end of the World. I just need two more to complete my collection. Oh and if you want a sniper too

  7. If the U.N. comes into our country it will be an act of war by invasion and i am obligated to shoot them all. In the UNITED STATES the U.N. has no power or say over our country, you just try it and see what happens.We the people will DESTROY YOU ALL you'll do good to remember that you blue helmut wearing sons of bitches?

  8. |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |>
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    ANY … The common collector stand confused in front of his collection and die confused …

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA … Kidding …

    I go for steyer,. ..A1 and aug …

    No any patriotism … I give a shit on nation and the rest …

    |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |>
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  9. “… when the MAN comes” out s usuallly intrepreted as the forces of a oppressive govt in the eyes of the paranoid ( ?) but if by talking about WROL , expect somewhat coordinated and heavily armed bands of raiders who are hell bent on taking your stores of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, your mountainhouse freeze dried food buckets , your Wife , sister n law( good riddance she was always a pain in the ass and your brother n law was near worthless anyway) your daughters and nowadays in this PC world they might take junior too! ( uuughhh)

    Unless you have extra set of hands that have practiced or have an idea of how a gun works, or decent neighbors with guns or prior experience you can pass a few of your Arsenal out to( ex military, retired cop, 3 gunner etc) EXPECT to have a “bug out plan” as going Fort Apache in one of these modern stucco and dry wall homes is a BAD, BAD idea and no tricked out gun short of SAW is gonna holdcthe horde off….

  10. Hey can someone tell me what the gun is that is right behind the guy in the red shirts head? The compact looking rifle with that small stock? Not the smaller one under it but the one right behind the guys head. Thanks!

  11. Anything that shoots a NATO or military caliber cartridge, A De Lisle carbine , my gen 4nvgs and gen 4 scopes , and my current gen thermals
    Plenty of start up ammo , no problem picking up spare ammo and military gear after the fun begins