In this video we go over our top picks from our collections that have odd features, or are somewhat obscure, or that you may have never heard of at all. Stay tuned, many more videos to come.


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  1. See its times like these that its good to have a Mexican friend "largo" means large not long brotha! I think its fucked up that not one person couldnt at least told you the right translation. I guess the "speak English or get out" crowd is the majority here smfh.

  2. I'm at 17 seconds in the video and I can already tell that the pistol on my far left is a Spanish Astra, I forget all the rest of the words that go wit it though

  3. "Sometimes a gun purchase doesn't have to be justified, it doesn't have to make sense. Sometimes it can just be because its awesome", I think that statement sums up America's relationship with firearms perfectly.
    The general excuse is its for protection or hunting but I feel like statement above is whats really been at the heart of the matter for years.

  4. Darn, not sure if your gonna catch this guys, but the Remington, is the stock offset ??? When Chad held it up, for a second there, it looked like the stock was offset. Can you let me know ? (Reason being, if it is an original stock, then I know Remington would have them) and not the shim type.

    Thanks gents!

  5. I remember having a shot of an open bolt .22 at my gun club in the late 80’s . It was a very small girl sized thing with a knurled disc at the end of the breech.
    The brand was”UNiQUE “. I was warned not to turn the knurled disc because it would become fully auto and there were other people on the range. It appeared to be made before WW2 and came from France.
    All this was before Port Arthur when we could do this sort of stuff .
    Thanks for an informative channel. Always worth watching.
    Cheers from Downunder?

  6. My uncle had 2 of those 35 Remington rifles. He had a gun smith Bill Morrison convert 1of them to 32cal. They were both wicked deer killers. I know someone who has 4 or 5 of those Rem 35's.
    Speaking of gun smiths … that was an awkward nod toward them when you said "hacked up by some gun smith". Prob a reason I guess you don't care for them.
    Great show… I learned a lot, thank you gentlemen.

  7. How rare is a model 59 Winchester winlite 12 gauge. I 37 and know of 3. Made 1960 to 1964 or 5. Winchester paperwork was lost to a fire. Hard to find. Only 1 one the last 10 years

  8. Wow, .35 Remington! .358s are uncommon enough, let alone .35Rem in a semi-auto, and still around these days. Never all that popular a round I'm used to seeing in Lever actions. (I think I saw one in a pump, many years back, but I can't be all that sure) Great lineup there.

  9. That Remington rifle is beautiful!! never knew existed , Remington couldn't make one of those nowadays, not that most ppl would want it, but I would at least not profitably.

  10. The Model 8 and 81 rifles were rather popular among hunters in the earlier part of the rifle's manufacture. The 8 made the .35 Remington the popular cartridge it was and still is for woods and 'brush' work. The 81 featured the .300 Savage, almost the equal of the .30-06 in lighter bullets.