Top 5 Redneck Guns



Well, the title says it all. From two rednecks to all other rednecks, we hope you enjoy! Stay tuned, much more on the way.


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  1. Logan Berlew

    Cutting down a lee enfield like that is a sin

  2. Zoro Zornes

    You don't have to be a redneck to own, , shoot or hunt with these guns.

  3. grizzlytabaccy

    Any side by side shotgun

  4. Calvin H.

    The very first gun! I live and hunt in Florida, and I just had to have a 300 Win Mag, so I bought myself one, and after shooting it the first 20 times at the range before going hunting with it, I had a bad bruise on my shoulder, and when I got in my stand, the damn deer walked 5 yards from my stand, and well, one shot with that 300 Win Mag, at that 115 lb. deer, It damn near field dressed it! lol. I lol. I never hunted with that gun again. But hey, I own one!

  5. Guy Fox

    My Favorite Redneck gun, a sporterized Mauser K98 rechambered for 7mm Weatherby magnum!

  6. MlLKMAN

    I was expecting the Moist Nugget making the list 🙂

  7. C Delany

    I love this video, It really shows how a certain gun can build up so much memories over time.

  8. DoctorHAXXX

    Hey where is the side by side breakbarrel shotgun??????

  9. a literal mango

    love the lee-enfield!

  10. Trevor Froese

    My Dad had that goose gun, one of his buddies was bitching about how the geese were to far up for his new pump action winchester. He took one shot with that ridicules gun, boom! Down came the goose, he traded my Dad straight up for it. I was 8, 40 years later I still have the pump action. I always wondered what it would be like to shoot a slug through that goose gun…

  11. bakedpagan

    bet they wont do a ghetto gun

  12. 18winsagin

    Cousin in West Virginia has 30 30 Winchester w/Saddle Ring, bought it back from Greenland in the 50s when he got out of the army, I saw it labor day weekend in cabinet, wow it needs cleaning and it has a side mount scope on it, he's 84 and hardly hunts anymore, hoping he might offer it to me !

  13. JBRocky007

    While my Dad is not a Redneck he does try real hard to be one, and does have two of those guns.

  14. Craig Houdeshell

    You guys are funny!

  15. Kan Meridoc

    Banjo's are more hillbilly than redneck. I wish it wasn't though. I love some bluegrass.

  16. Darshan DASH Maniram

    Whoa Eric plays the Banjo?! Wow I guess he is the Redneck Version of Eric Clapton!?????????

  17. Larry Pietrangelo

    In case these bozos don't understand the rifle that was used by the marine sniper in Vietnam was built on the Remington 700 action in a 308 Caliber in fact Remington brought back briefly and I believe it's still out there the same type of rifle that they use in Vietnam by the snipers it is not a sniper rifle people the person for the job is called a sniper it's just a regular rifle the rifle was a Remington 700 and and I believe a lot of these so-called rednecks and it could be used by anybody in during any time of the year will be a double barrel 16 gauge or 20 gauge or bolt action shotgun or a single barrel shotgun so whatever these two are talking about they have to stop taking the drugs that you're taking

  18. SoVa

    No DB shotgun? Cold

  19. Mark S. McKinney

    The goose gun should be at the top of the redneck list…sigh!!! 🙂 Turkey shoot winner

  20. Andrew Peck

    The second gun, my dad has a 30-06 version lol, so many memories

  21. Shawn DeGonia II

    Hell yeah brother crank the lynard skynard and get my wd-40 time to get ready for deer season

  22. kevin fitzgerald

    Rednecks! We are everywhere! Keeping the woods, plains, deserts, and roadways critter free.

  23. Sean C

    lmfao this is fuckin hilarious!!! im going to do a top 5 beaner guns since im mexican hahahahahaha

  24. Curt Thomas

    “Lucille” hanging dead center on the wall behind ya, now that’s Red-Neck right there!

  25. Rune Jennings

    gotta add another wildcard. Nothing says redneck like a 12 gauge breach action.

  26. Paul Simmons

    *300Wby — pass!
    *Remmie autoloader — I had one but couldn't get it to zero!
    *Custom mil-surps — some are beautiful and some, not so much!
    *Older lever guns — In 30-30, classic! In obscure calibers, good luck finding the ammo.
    *Pump-action 22's — When working, they're cool…
    *Marlin Goose guns — Any real hunter loves these for the vibe alone. These are still at gun shows and the occasional pawn shop.

  27. Copenhagen dippin honky

    My first gun was a little pump action 22

  28. Texas tear down

    Nikons ass

  29. Parker Chambers

    The bigger the horns on a animal the bigger the gun I want even though the 2nd or 3rd shot I’m hurting

  30. 45loot

    The Remington 7400 pump rifle is popular amongst like folk north of the border.

  31. Ken Smith

    More banjo!

  32. iCore ZX14R

    Rednecks-R-Us, Invaders beware………….

  33. Patrick Slevin

    "General Disdain" WTF? My Great Uncle used to shoot starlings with his M12 20gauge and Winchester .22 LR all the time. His house was the last house on the street before the country started and he didn't care about the law.

  34. strange ghost

    The 700 is so f ing redneck……………………………
    The USMC adopted it as their standard sniper rifle. Wtf. Whats my mod7 .308? Ima hillbilly

  35. Crystal Stanborough

    if yall arnt old nuff… back in the sixtys and early seventies the canada goose kinda got scarce…thats when the 3 inch mag really caught on….cause if ya saw a goose it was passen by at mach 3 , 3 miles high….so it was thought the only chance ya had was this big ole shell in this big ole gun sold cheap at Canadian Tire ( store like Wall mart ) and other hardware stores…..although the 3 inch really started in the 30s…. then in 88 ,in order to save the world from lead poisening they brought out the lovley 3 and a half inch steel shot lol….personaly i think anbody does any testing or paterning of shells will find out that a shotgun will patern best with a shell length the gun is made for….example…a shotgun that is a chambered for 3 inch will patern the 3 inch better than 2/34 shell… we use 2/34 inch shotgun with 2/34 magnum shells ( obviously ) reload our own shells…there pretty hot! (by the reloading book ) A myth being the 3 inch shoots faster….nope! it just throws out a bigger load of bb same speed as 2/34 magnum shell…. The "science" being the space to the forcing cone….As far as best paterning is concerned….But theres some really nice 2/34 shotguns out there….economy and spiffy…from winchester 1400 to Rem 1100 , ofcourse beretta made a really nice auto in 2/34 ! not that we know anything up here in the great white nort 😉 keep up the good vids eh!

  36. Crystal Stanborough

    up here in Canada, them enfields are more comen than single shot shotguns….nothing to get one from an uncle for fifty bucks lol! thats like 6 bucks in Usa money lol

  37. Wellreadneck22

    I cant believe there's no Nagants. and no 760 Gamemaster in 30-06? no 30-06 at all? Maybe im just too dern sophisticated

  38. Cheese Boi

    Ok being from Texas I approve this is 1776% right

  39. trwsandford

    hahahaha! I have like 3 of those. You missed the obvious SKS

  40. Isaiah Hansel

    My poppy killed deer with 22 short