Top 9 Best Guns and Weapons from Fallout 4’s Survival Mode (Including DLC) #PumaCounts


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Hey guys, back with another video. Today I wanted to go over what I think are the Top 9 Best Guns and Weapons from Fallout 4’s Survival Mode. This is a remake or update to a video I made a couple months back and now includes weapons from all of the DLC.

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  1. Sask Reenacting

    6 shot laser musket

  2. angelowl89

    I will give Bethesda credit where it is due. The handmade rifle and the gauss rifle both look positively amazing.

  3. Landen Schmidt

    When ever I equip the nuka world rifle my game freezes. Idk why it is fucking annoying

  4. Samuel Pearce

    what about the combat shotgun? reasonable damage and in full-auto the rate of fire is increased slightly.

  5. Austin Vander Heide

    What does the protectrons gaze or good intentions do? I've never seen both. How do you get them?

  6. Julius Klein

    I got the best version of the western revolver you could possibly get: double shot. Its strong, but with that effect, nothing (pistol class) comes close to its dps, even some rifels have lower dps

  7. Marcy2200

    Overseer's Guardian
    Just leaving it there

  8. A Weird Idea

    So i know the video is old but i've being doing some calculations and research on some weapons of fallout 4 recently.
    After some time i came across this reddit post : obviously about the gamma gun and variants.

    The damage (damage dealt) of both the gamma gun and lorenzo's artifact is heavily altered due to the Electric signal carrier antennae (some of the energy and the radiation damage is also counted as explosive damage, changing how the perks scale with it), but it seems the person forgot about the gunslinger perk, and also after all the dlc's are out we have things like the scav magazine that affects explosives, the tesla armor for the energy damage, etc.

    I really feel this weapon (lorenzo's artifact) deserves an in-depth look, before we had it in mind only because it's an unique weapon mod (so it can be put in a legendary gamma gun) and for it's knockback effect, but the actual damage that this weapon can reach is reaaaally impressive (the reddit post explains better the two different types of radiation damage, but also the weird and amazing interaction with the Electric signal carrier antennae).

    Oh and the post does not cover this but, it seems that the charged damage also contributes into the weird interaction of scaling, maybe being counted as ''energy/explosive damage'' too, which just blew my mind after testings, this weapon is a beast.

    EDIT: It changes the damage dealt, not the paper damage showed, which could be misleading.

  9. Anikati CZ

    Big mistake top weapon is Raiload Rifle dear 😀 And Gaus Rifle by name Zeus 😀 But Raiload Rifle ammo is accesiable lower price in Traders 😀 but video is no bad 😀

  10. Thatone Pronoun

    Tfw you love the dlcs but cant afforde any of them

  11. toast er

    I found a legendary western revolver

  12. Jarad Shaw

    Junk Jet should be number 1. since some junk weighs 0, thus you can carry unlimited amounts.

  13. Jarad Shaw

    The legendary 10mm kneecapper is far better than that one. 5 shots deathclaw cant move, robots can't move, ghouls cant move ect…

  14. Charlie Army

    Is the ak a mod or dlc? Or is the ak part of the actual game?

  15. José Medina

    Spray m pray forma life

  16. Troll 411

    2:30 what the hell is this armour
    Where Idid u get dat

  17. ZergrushEddie

    The Spray n' Pray really deserved to be mentioned. First, it is a fairly cheap weapon that can be acquired pretty early. Second, it comes with very high quality mods already installed which lets you save your perks in the early game when Survival is most brutal. By the time you are running around in full X-01, it doesn't matter that you can save 2-3 perks by not taking Gun Nut. But in the early game, where Survival is the most difficult, when you are trying to get Local Leader, important defensive perks, and Scrounger having a gun that is basically fully upgraded so you can delay Gun Nut is great. Finally, Explosive is easily the best or top 3 when it comes to Legendary effects. Because explosive effects do damage to each limb, that 15 damage is actually 90 extra damage a hit. Every other benefit of the Spray n' Pray could be removed other than Explosive and it would still probably be worth mentioning.

    A fully upgraded Deliverer deals 56 damage a shot and you get 40 bullets to a pound (2,240 damage, Required Gun Nut 3)
    An out of the box Spray n' Pray deals 34 + (15 x 6) damage a shot and you get 34.5 bullets to a pound (4,278 damage, requires nothing)
    A fully upgraded Gatling Laser deals 66 damage a shot and you get 125 bullets per pound (8,250 damage, required Science 4, Gun Nut 2)

    The Spray n' Pray can also 'shoot around walls', pretty much turns any melee enemy into a joke, and blows off limbs making enemies far weaker.And you can get the weapon by about level 13. Seriously, it all all about the 100% assured Explosive quality. My current survival character found a Pipe Pistol with the explosive quality at level 15. Made it into a fully automatic rifle. 60 levels later, it is still the only weapon I carry.

    In short, Explosive = OP



  19. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    The skinadaa weapon pack battle rifle is the best though

  20. SwordBreaker925

    Lol 2mm ammo and 8 rounds is a pound?! Wtf

  21. Kostadin Dobrev

    Level 262 character, what do I play 😀 ?

  22. Andrew P.

    I've got a legendary radium rifle with explosive shots from a legendary ghoul in dlc vault 88,my favourite gun ever)

  23. SGT Morningwood

    I dont get it…. Never ending perk on weapons just means you dont need to reload and it does not provide unlimited ammo so it does not matter if you get it in survival mode right? You still are getting weigh down with ammo?

  24. That Guy

    What about the ghoul shredder radiation gun?


  25. Thomas Hill

    Ammo factory for 2mm emc

  26. Troll 411

    5:24 this gun looks like an ak- 47 with a scope

  27. Josh Exler

    I got a double shot plasma rifle from killing a unique synth at the end of the railroad ending