TOP FIVE Worst Carry Guns!


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  1. gary trimble


  2. Rob A

    Where is Taurus Spectrum on your list?
    I have nothing but trouble with this gun. Light strikes and failures to feed are the most common failures.

  3. glen leininger

    I have a Kel Tec 9, I have carried it for years! With fresh ammo, (Walmart 100 rounds for $23.00, Winchester 9mm 115 gr. FMJ about 360 ft lbs) never, never, never had a malfunction! I carry it in a leather pocket holster, a spare mag in other pocket. That makes 13 rounds. Now I clean it, the mags and ammo at least once a week. I had the same ammo in it for at least a year. It has never been wet, only from the occasional times I worked up a sweat. When I clean it, I use a tooth brush, then run a moist oiled rag through the barrel and mags. I wipe down all of the parts and bullets. I pulled it out to shoot and much to my surprise it didn't go off. I tried double strikes and no bang. Put that ammo in a Glock and it didn't go off. Put fresh ammo in mine and it ran as always. Now I went through all of this to point out that either the primer was neutralized by my sweat or the oil from the rag. The conclusion is that if you carry then change the ammo regularly or seal it with a thinned out nail polish at the crimp and primer. Just like all military ammo. Now I have a friend that bought a Kel Tec 9 and it went back 4 times before it worked as well as mine. The reason I bought it was it is small, I can put my finger around the trigger. The hammer is at half cock (no safety) and I don't think you can throw it hard enough to make it go off. If I had to shoot another person I know that it would hurt me as much as them, a vicious recoil and there isn't a Pachmayr grip for it. I have several good carry weapons, but their value stops me from just plain ruining the finish, hence the value. Otherwise I found your video good. In your video of the best carry weapons you said you have carried for more than 25 years. I have carried legally for over 30 years, back when you had to be re-bonded every year.

  4. howlingthunder26

    When you run out you got a hammer

  5. Gary Williams

    what do you think about a hi-point c9 as a concealed carry?

  6. Paul Woodruff

    Wow…From a 3 tour Infantry combat vet…This guy is goofy.. Who on earth would carry a Desert Eagle? The little Bersa is a fine backup or pocket gun.. He never mentioned the Shit Hi-Point products… I carry a Wilson Combat Custom Beretta 92FS…Big gun, but very doable…20 rd Mecgar mag…yep…This guy has opinions…but that's it..Ive shot war.. He,'s going out to 30 yards for a personal defense pistol?…and judging it?  What about 5 yards…Why anyone listens to him…dunno…

  7. Ron Fillmore

    I must make some qualifying comments on choice number 4, single action revolvers. For 99% of people he is right! However, for those of us that cut our teeth on single actions and use and practice with them regularly, they can be advantageous! For two reasons! I have complete confidence in my ability to instinctively hit what I am shooting at with a SA more than any other handgun! Two, I can fire a SA as fast as most can a double action. Also, I have developed a method of unloading and reloading a SA almost as fast as most can a double action revolver without a speed loader. Would I recommend a SA to anyone for a carry weapon? Nope! But they do work for some of us. I also would comment on his concerns about the speed of reloading! Unless in a firefight, that is a red herring! In an up close and personal defensive shoot out the issue of speedy reloading becomes a mute point. If you haven't stopped the attack in 5 or six shots you are NOT going to get a chance to reload, even with a speed loader, OR a semi-auto. Think about it!!

  8. jameswilsonf

    Duh !

  9. Most Openminded

    Never known anyone that owned a Bersa and had a broken frame. Crazy

  10. Chris O

    Lmao, funny how his number 2 pick was the one he has owned 3 of….
    If I had a gun that jammed and was as unreliable as he says the desert eagle is…i sure in the hell would not have bought/owned 3 of them

  11. Carlos Zamora

    What a fucken idiot my bersa firestorm is great u dont know shit u slob

  12. Dean Boyak

    Your a joke. Carry gun not full size artillery. I know people who carry the desert eagle you said . Who's their chiropractor. By the way never heard of a Bersa 380 cracking. I've looked it up twice now . Either you're lying or it's a super secret in the gun world.

  13. Surplus Division

    That's 5:49 of my life I will never get back. Stopped watching after that.

  14. Harrison Case

    This is literally all just anecdotal evidence. You provide no real reason to why these guns are bad for carrying, with the exception of the Desert Eagle, but then again, everyone knows that the desert eagle is a bad carry gun

  15. In Cognito

    I use a Marlin .30-30 loaded with the heaviest hollow points made, with a Barska laser/light combo…if I hit a thief anywhere on his body hes gonna mess himself on the way to the ground a fact which I have proven on many wild boar's

  16. In Cognito

    Gun cultural is more divisive and opinionated than abortion,immigration and gender choices…and just as devoid of people who listen to actual facts and studies .And too full of self proclaimed experts.

  17. R T

    I have a glock 43 & a lot of polices I know still carry a 9mm & feel very comfortable & safe with it. He’s not very smart when it comes to gun knowledge?ITS SHOT PLACEMENT & Ammunition is what does the job NOT the gun. He’s never even taken a basic gun class

  18. TeamHiPoint

    In Russia, HiPoint carries YOU !

  19. Doug Combs

    3 doors down

  20. slavio lovato

    I have several bersa thunder .380's they are greta pistold and i have never had any problems i also have a bersa 9mm thats a great pistol with a awesome trigger


    I really like your videos. Anyhow, are you familiar with the Smith & Wesson 910 in the 9mm configuration? Well, I own one and from I purchase it brand new I realize that the magazine tends to accidentally eject due to the fact that the notch is too high. Due to the fact I think it is a terrible gun. To make matters worse, it will not fire without the magazine fitted.

  22. adam foster

    The desert eagles need grease. They're good for huge people.

  23. MrGovernment502

    I love people who call out .380 and .22 but non of them will let me shoot them with one, I wonder why that is?

  24. toot tall

    you can't even pronounce chaps right. It is pronounced SHaps, not chaps like some English guys on the corner. Idiots abound.

  25. FanaticalDrummer

    LOL meanwhile every top 10 carry list, from real gun websites, 9/10 have the Bersa listed as great value carries lol. There is nothing made better for the price with as many safety features or accuracy. Small caliber sure, but its incredibly accurate. This guy probably saw two reviews out of the hundreds and used that to confirm his bias against the gun. The Bersa Thunder is one of the most recommended for first time carriers.

    “Those are my choices, with very little thought put it into it”. Ya think? Why put content up when you apply zero thought or effort lol. The others are no brainers for terrible carries.

  26. Ron Dickinson

    Not all PMR30s are bad. There is a flaw in some but Keltec will.qork.with you fixing it. I.would not carry it but i would keep it handy for home or auto. Mine cyxles great. A 22.mag shot will ruin your day.

  27. Mister Stang

    Yeah, left the vid when you called people who carry AR pistols retards. There are several good reasons for carrying an AR Pistol or a PDW. Glad I didn't carry on because the comments aren't too happy.