Trump Wants More Guns In Schools


President Trump extemporaneously offered some logic-free theories on schools being gun-free zones.

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  1. Michał Malinowski

    I hope that America is on a turning point, and that some day despite rednecks, the NRA and libertarians the American public will push for gun control so hard the federal government will step down. Cause there is no point- statistics show you are less safe with a gun in your house and not safer. Your government is already tyrannical and has a militarizwd police force and a military budget of 14 countries combined so I don't think drones are scared of rednecks with glocks. All you have to lose are mass shootings.

  2. Michał Malinowski

    Funny how in Europe we do not need teachers with guns because students bring no guns to schools. Guys if this is what the second amendment is costing your society maybe you need an another f…g amendment.

  3. mchras

    Cameron Kasky stepped forward as a leader, and it's amazing to see what an icon he's become in the fight for gun control


    Look at this Chomp reading the memo of the day. Way to go fear-mongering to the masses. You'll never be given the chance to disarm the American people. We've seen what happens to those that don't have anything to defend their lives and families lives with. if you don't know what I'm talking about go read up on Lenin Stalin and Hitler.

  5. MCoC mi

    "you come in to our schools, your gonna be dead" lolllll, the guy is a psycho

  6. Can I Change My Name yet?

    I’d laugh, but you’re the most powerful nation in the world

  7. Kyle Dechau

    This guy is way too biased against Trump. I only watch cuz his jokes are funny.

  8. 900 Dollarydoos!

    We (Australia) had a massacre 22 years ago, we enacted gun laws, we haven’t had one since. Gun laws WORK

  9. T Slap

    What if there's no teachers with a military background? I have the solution to Americas problems. Take that dumb idiot out of the White House in a straight jacket.

  10. Lennox Xonnel

    'Can you imagine what this country would be like if anyone could get a gun? '
    and Jon Batiste starts playing 'Imagine' :'(

  11. Andrew Garcia

    But guess what, not everyone can get a gun because there is background checks. And also there does need to be more guns in school because the more guns you have the safer. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A SHOOTING AT A GUN SHOW.

  12. Sundae Younashi

    In Japan, guns are banned and there are nearly zero gun violence crimes. That must say something.
    But I hear you, Trump. I hear you.

  13. cody ralston

    solution to school shooting. start addressing the serious and rampant mental health issue in the United states get those people to start talking so we can start solving the problem. let teachers with concealed carry licenses have a gun with them in a position that a student could never get to it but could still be useful in a shooting situation. 1 guy does not want to walk into a building with 20 armed teachers in it ready to protect their students. guns have been around for a very long time in the United states and we have not seen a problem to this severity before so some things changed and it ain't the guns so banning them like banning anything would likely prove ineffective. mental health is the problem and just sitting around bashing trump for literally anything isn't gonna solve shit.

  14. sherifffdb905

    Maybe you Americans will get up off your ass and vote in the next election.

  15. Tyler daniels

    It's already against the law to bring guns into school anyways isnt it? How the HELL are these people getting into school with guns in the first place?? Dont they know it's against the law??

  16. gamer zone

    well trump doesn't talks like a pollitician but in America anyone can get a guns then why can't schools have some for protection

  17. Sona Avakian

    My art teacher talked about this and he asked us “would you guys want me to have a gun?” And we all busted out laughing like of course not

  18. Ethan Tanguay

    so sad that this whole topic has gone out the window recently. as it usually does.

  19. Soul Eater

    How about instead of focusing on the symptom, focus on the problem. On the one hand you are saying you think the solution to this is equal to this, well every morning I wake up, i cut my self on my floor, because nails stick out. My only hope is to just get bigger bandaids, and wear iron boots I guess. On the other side the solution is, well just remove all the nails from the floor. In the middle you got, well just keep pounding down the nails as they come out. No one is saying, well why is it that the nails in the first place are coming.

    So it clearly isnt violent video games doing it, because guys I mean you do know the 1800s were way worse than any violent video games, ever watch some one eaten by a bear? Haha, anyways. The problem isnt that there are guns all over the place either. There are way more powerful things than guns in this world, easily obtained by foul people. Banning everything isnt gonna do much of anything, but switch the tools around. Dealing with it as they come up is a the best out of both those extremes, but still wont actually solve the problem.

    The solution is obvious and clear to me. The only way some one could take a tool and harm a bunch of other people are not all that complex. First there are people who are physically incapable of feeling empathy for others, which is a rare thing. Most though have to justify it in their own moral reasoning as why it is ok to harm others. So what is it that could cause some one to over write their emotion of empathy and decide their only action is to harm people? I am no expert, and I don't even know if there are any experts. I know one is drugs, drugs easily can do that. Fear is another one that can do that, as well as hate. Find the real answer to the question I asked, and you will have your solution.

  20. Soul Eater

    Well this whole gun thing got blown out of reality, so there really isnt much to discuss because just like trump we all need a card that says i hear you. I can tell you what my area did isnt gonna help anything. In ny, they take the kids and put them into a corner and tell them to huddle together so tightly and be quiet. I mean shit, you could do some dumb things when a guy is coming at you when a person is coming at you with a gun, huddling in a corner in fear with every one else is the first on that list.

  21. Squid Worth

    holy shit, im actually crying with laughter, and im in australia, i cant imagine what people in america must be feeling watching this

  22. uyiuit

    How many wars has the US actually won? The civil war?

  23. Melissa Moreau

    I’m a middle school teacher. Eventually I would be outnumbered and jumped and we would have armed 14 year olds.

  24. elle415

    Omigod, the man is insane…………………..

  25. Rahul Patil

    At 3:56 you can hear the intro to Imagine :'(

  26. roballen2/offical

    All the, "Good Kids" can be trained to be proficient with handguns.
    Then when the "Bad Killer Kids" come…all the good kids shoot them dead.
    Problem solved.
    I hear you.

  27. Philippe 94

    Teachers with arms .Well it is like Trump reading a book…

  28. alex lao

    i'd rather home-school my child. give teachers weapons! u crazy fucker! there are teachers who abuse their students and u wanna arm them?!!!

  29. Jenny Shull

    Don't forget about the kick back some guns have. Or the noise guns make that could cause the shooter to go def. Or the gun jaming. Or the fact that people could locate u by the sound of your gun. The shell casings left behind. Or the people injured by ricocheting bullets or shrapnel. The fact you should not pull out the bullet because it could be keeping u from dieng. Long range weaponry in a short range gun fight seriously?

  30. Jenny Shull

    Seriously: how many people have read the amendments, the constitution, the bill of rights, the declaration of independence understood what was written in them and realized how outdated they may be? It's like using the bible to justify why u used your religious beliefs for evil. The bible was written ages ago and is miss translated.

  31. T Mox

    Okay here’s what we need: an alternative firearms organization to the NRA that requires its members to take a gun safety test every year or they agree to turn in their guns. Background checks for membership. “…but but but second amendment and arming against the government!”. Yeah — you’ll never be more armed than the government. Go buy a tank or a nuke.

  32. Bork Lane

    Its a good thing that Trump is President because this BOZO and all the leftist media would not have anything to say night after night !

  33. Akhilesh Murali

    It's just sick that Trump wants armed teachers.. Is it a school or a battlefield??

  34. Colton Davis

    There is more security at the post office than there is at a school, if the government wanted safer schools they must be willing to drop the cash

  35. Sijan Bhandari

    I can guess its school for blind. "Teacher we can't write down our letters but we can absolutely shoot it in, give us the pen."

  36. Misery MetallicaXperience

    7:40 best thing Donald ever said to support legal gun ownership

  37. Jayjay Isaiah

    These Leftist Satanist Leaders what more Government. They want Government Dominance, and who is the Federal Bank

  38. Vinay Prakash

    Does he even have an advisor or something? Someone intelligent enough to tell him what to say…. I mean, who can advise to arm the teachers. Thank god, he didn't advise this to students. ??

  39. Jack Lang

    What's the big fucking deal basically trump wants schools to have better protection incase worst does come into play and this dipshit he can't say he doesn't have any security

  40. The Nick

    1:23 i like the way he delivered the list joke???

  41. Steven Wong

    So the teachers will get kill first