Undercover Investigation Explores How Easily Guns Are Sold in US


Fusion’s Mariana van Zeller bought dangerous weapons from private sellers with few questions asked.

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  1. Scritch

    No one is going to kill someone over 750$ in a restaurant parking lot! That is just asking for life in jail…

  2. Pakrat Miz

    It’ll penetrate all body armor, except for level 3 and above, so basically the worst bullets for penetration possible

  3. Pakrat Miz

    If this is real it’s extremely illegal

  4. YDF_ToXiCCC

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Anybody can go anywhere with a 22 caliber pistol and kill hundreds of people

  5. Chronic ACIDD

    I’m 14 and have glock 17. Ar15. And another 50c

  6. Jamal Idrez

    imagine Smthing bad hppend in balkan between Serbs and Albanians .
    And US you see 200 albanians armed to the teeth hunting Serbs .
    In UK can see between these two.
    they have a big problem with each other
    Can anyone explain this to me ?


    How they get the Ak what is the name of the website

  8. How2Not

    yet most guns in crimes, are illegal guns imported from mexico

  9. Matthew McCartney

    When and where are sniper rifles used in crimes?

  10. AstronautMonkey

    I smell set up and fake news

  11. Mark GameZ


  12. Flu vaccine 777999

    I literally saw a YouTube add about a guy wanting to run for president in 2020 to “unite Colorado “ by reducing max magazine size. What has America come to?

  13. A Froghair

    For God's sake, ABC "news"is nothing more than a propaganda outlet.

  14. Noah Stirrat

    A .50 cal ( shows an l96 and a saw

  15. michael pas

    Private sells are LEGAL dont let the state fool you. If you are a prior felon then dont get one you will get arrested

  16. Miguel Garcia

    why do people think guns are designed for war all the time? They are just designed to be reliable.

  17. Civ Alexz

    It's not a assault rifle it's not a assault rifle omg stop using that dumbass line fuck offfffffff

  18. My names Jeff

    When she said a sniper I was so hyped

  19. jpb1231000

    LIES LIES LIES!!! From the get go!! Most gun owners I know have a SEMI AUTOMATIC AK 47 or AR!!! Nothing wrong with them!!!
    There is a BIG difference between Fulll aUTO AND sEMI aUTO!!

  20. Chase Raines

    Don’t you just love how the reporter isn’t even from the US. Also how they say the AK-47 is a weapon of war. That would be because of how cheap they are made and you are probably more likely to shoot yourself with the stupid thing. And can people stop saying assault rifle. They should call bananas assault bananas. Or purses are assault purses. ?