UPDATE: HR7468: Stop Home Manufacture of Ghost Guns Act of 2020

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  1. So, they want to put ALL machine shops out of business? All commercial/private CNC machines AND tooling would be illegal Except for those licensed by BATF as firearm manufacturers. So , EVERY industry that uses CNC machines, like auto manufacturers, furniture makers, NASA rocket engineers…you get the picture. These people were the fastest sperm?? If Biden gets elected, prepare for the lead to start flying.

  2. This could include: 80% lower jigs, 80% lower receivers, cordless drills, hand drills, drill press, drill bits, end mills, milling machines of any type, lathes of any type, 3D printers, filament for 3D printers, springs, screws, bolts, washers, trigger pins, hammer pins, bolt catch pins, roll pins, vises, gun smith tools, plastic (hand guard, butt stock, stocks), steel (barrels, front sight posts, rear sights, triggers, hammers, firing pins), aluminum (upper & lower receivers), wood (stocks, & I have seen a lower receiver made from wood & it worked), brass (Lower receiver I saw made and worked), solid plastic (lower receiver I saw that worked), screwdrivers, drift pin punches, drill chucks, all end mill holders, all insert tool holders, carbide & ceramic inserts, I probably left out other stuff. But you get my drift.

  3. so thats every milling machine and lathe…………….gee Im a toolroom machinist and a future felon. I guess………………………………….

  4. So all machine shops have to have a firearm license even if they don't machine guns parts or not? My son works and manages a trailer shop in Northern Maine they make log trailers to haul logs to the mills and have two CNC machines and have nothing to do with manufacturing guns or parts! This is more DUMMYCRAT BULLSHIT!!! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN THERE'S TO MANY MACHINE SHOPS THAT MAKE STUFF OTHER THAN GUNS AND PARTS FOR GUNS WTF ARE THESE LIBERAL DUMMYCRAT'S THINKING!!!!

  5. Quick question. How would they know if ghosts gun was made before or after bill goes into effect? I know someone who made one ten years ago how can they prove that it was made ten years ago or yesterday? Who’s responsibility is it to prove when something was built at home. The one who made it or the ones that will come and try to take it?

  6. Speeding is illegal.. I’m speeding and typing this at the same time! Laws did a lot to stop this criminal… 😆 don’t judge me

  7. So, basically another illegal law..should it passed. The fact that they even consider such nonsense is grounds to get rid of these asshats.

  8. Soooooo many comments about dirty Communist politicians. BUT what about the FILTHY LYING Communists in our schools, teaching our children to hate the US?

  9. This bill stops new ideas of individuals who are inventors from making a new safer product because it stops people from having and implementing their ideas unless they go to a gun manufacturer which denies their rights to profit from their ideas and keep those profits 100% for themselves! Do we really want to stifle inventions which is how our military has also had the use of great ideas! Why do we continue to allow those who swore to uphold our constitution to infringe upon it? There should be a hard law which states if an elected official, legislator etc… goes against those rights they should immediately loose there jobs, there benifits and can no longer run for office ever!

  10. all these new and most of the old rules towards gun control are anti constitutional infringements. No ifs no ands and no buts about it.

  11. WHEN was the last time you heard of ANYONE in the police gangs arresting a TRAITOR IN THE GOVERNMENT..you haven't and your not going to,YOUR POLICE GANGS WORK FOR SATAN JUST LIKE THE POLITICANS DO,if your kissing any of their asses,THE LORD SAYS YOUR GOING TO HELL WITH THEM and I might add..GOOD RIDDENCE….

  12. THE GOVERNMENT ARE A PACK OF TRAITORS AND LIEING WHORES,they want ALL your metal latches and milling machines,your welders,drill presses and grinders,your hacksaws,and anything you could even make a screw driver with,THEN THEY'LL outlaw the ownership of any kind of metal,….OF COURSE THIS MEANS WAR..and thats what they want,just not on them..

  13. I hope this is not include the black powder gun kits they are technically not firearms and they are all I can own thanks to a psychologist when I was living in New Jersey