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  1. The toy guns aren't supposed to be great, no, but you also redeemed them at level 1, then obviously leveled up really fast to 5 so they were worthless

  2. I'm liking the game but DAMN the characters are loud. I don't need my character to tell me when I'm on fire or when I've been running for more then 10 seconds.

  3. I love hat films but seeing them start off using the same 2 level 3 guns against level 5 enemies, not using abilites much, and not spending skill points hurt me, but they'll get the hang of it

    Also they shouldn't shy away from the side quests, personally i think BL side quests are some of the best there are

    I would be very okay with a full month or more dedicated to borderlands.
    However i am likely a quiet minority, and a heavy fanboy of borderlands… Likely full on fanatic

  5. Wow, that looks so… Unremarkable. I mean, I'm sure it's fun in coop but the visual upgrade is so small it's laughable.

    Edit Still, good video as always. 🙂

  6. Sometimes at night I find myself scratching the fuck out of my testicles and I just HAVE to get a whiff under my nails. You learn a lot about your hygiene

  7. How can you complain about the jokes being of the same era as the previous games?
    They are set in the same fantasy-world, and the time frame differs only by a few years.

    What.. game critics thinks they should include fortnite dances and green hair from that fuckboi ninja?
    Maby a strapon to mimic the sexual prefference of their dads?
    How about a very own pandora #metoo movement while we're at it?

    It's a fuckin game from a certain immaginary time period in an immaginary world, the jokes are fuckin good enough.

  8. 2:10
    The Borderlands artists would be very upset at you for saying the art is cel-shading, Trott. What they do is actually a lot more complicated and time consuming than simple cel-shading. THANK YOU.

  9. Great, looking forward to when this comes out for PC. A shame we have to wait 6 months for it to be released on PC. Odd they said they're playing this on PC, because I'm pretty sure it's not out for PC for another 6 months. Yup.

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