Выступление Дэвида Кина (США) на 2-ом съезде Право на оружие (на английском)


Дэвид Кин (США), экс-президент, действующий член правления Национальной стрелковой ассоциации США (NRA) на 2ом съезде общественного движения «Право на оружие» г. Москва 31 октября-1 ноября 2013 года.
Выступление было в рамках конференции «Международный опыт в области регулирования гражданского оружия и необходимой обороны»

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  1. MrVaiioo

    In December 2018, Maria Butina pleaded guilty for conspiring against the USA and made a cooperation deal with the special counsel. She and Alexander Torshin, whose name is mentioned by David Keene right at the start of his speech, met Trump Jr. on the sidelines of an NRA event in USA in May 2016. Alexander Torshin also met Trump Sr. in 2015 and said Trump was an ”old acquaintance.” Torshin is now under American sanctions. Butina asked Trump Sr. questions at a press conference in 2015. Allegedly, Paul Erickson, the american GOP operative who set up a company with Butina in 2016 and who was/is her boyfriend, is in the audience here. Erickson tried to set up a backchannel between Trump and Russia, and lobbied for K.T. McFarland to be put on Trump’s national security council, which also happened. Later, McFarland was removed from the security council. McFarland lied to congress about her knowledge regarding Michael Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Another person named Bud McFarlane, an American working for Russian energy interests, also lobbied for K.T. McFarland to join the security council. Bud McFarlane was present at the Mayflower hotel in april 2016 when Trump made his first foreign policy speech there and promised Russia ”a good deal” on sanctions. In February 2019, Paul Erickson was indicted for various charges. It is assumed that Erickson is going to cooperate with prosecutors, and he might have information about Bud McFarlane and others.

  2. Ladd Everitt

    Keene is a traitor to the United States of America who aided Alexander Torshin and Butina in this covert influence operation while wearing his leadership hats at the NRA, Center for National Interest, American Conservative Union, and the Washington Times.

  3. john smith

    This broad is a beautiful, sexy spy? She looks like somebodys dopey kid brother. Ugh!

  4. john smith

    Unfortunately, russian finks, the rest of, or at least some, Americans are not stupid enough to swallow your hilarious Boris and Natasha shit. You will not have the same "results" in the next election. All real Americans know it`s coming, and are PREPARED.

  5. jojomascalero

    this can’t be good for the NRA. Lol ?

  6. MrVaiioo

    Maria Butina appears at the beginning of this video. And David Keene mentions Alexander Torshin.
    If the NRA has supported one or several Russian agents’ efforts to infiltrate
    and influence U.S. politics, it’s completely possible that this collaboration with America’s arch enemy will become known as the thing that brought down this organization for good.

  7. PhilosopherKing

    Dumb Republicans feel for the honey pot smh

  8. FenwickRules

    Gullible NRA, Republicans — completely duped by this campaign to infiltrate western democracies. Greedy morons finally getting what they deserve

  9. Kim Longley

    TRAITOR !!!!!