Warren Zevon — Lawyers, Guns And Money — 4/18/1980 — Capitol Theatre (Official)


Warren Zevon — Lawyers, Guns And Money
Recorded Live: 4/18/1980 — Capitol Theatre — Passaic, NJ
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Warren Zevon — lead vocals, guitar, piano
David Landau — guitar
Zeke Zirngiebel — guitar, lap steel guitar, vocals
Bob Harris — synthesizer, piano, keyboards, vocals
Roberto Pinon — bass, vocals
Marty Stinger — drums

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  1. studded sail

    This is Donald Trump's song

  2. Boat Axe

    This song has led me to a lifelong fear of going home with waitress’s, strippers? Sure! But no waitress’s!

  3. Gatsby999888

    I live in LA and got drunk with him several times that last year he started drinking again. No songs came of it, but there was poetry.

  4. KentAllard

    The official anthem of The Secret Team and the Central American dirty wars.

  5. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    You know you're in trouble when the coke you just bought from Elvis and sold to John Belushi was supposed to be for John Candy—Chris Farley.

  6. Craig Thibodeaux

    He was an excitable boy. Love I'm everlasting

  7. dsauce223

    This guy was so freakin talented. I was born in the wrong generation.

  8. Joshua Oconnor

    Pumped up on this stuff. A really good change in taste. Love from brother Josh ?

  9. Cucho Peñaloza

    One of the best songs on the whole youtube channel … 15 years Warren you left this planet THANKS

  10. Duc D'Angelos

    I hear this is the NRA's new theme song. 😀

  11. Jude

    My dad died suddenly earlier this year. We shared a lifelong bond over music. This was the last song he ever showed me. Thank you, Warren, and thanks, dad.

  12. Richard O'Connor

    The guitar player could be Frank Zappa's brother.

  13. sa65cn1

    I'm so thankful that I got to see him twice at Tipitina's in New Orleans. He was great, RIP

  14. W Holland

    Wish I had seen him live more than 1 time.

  15. Mark Nicholas

    What energy! Out flipping standing. Never saw this before. The lead guitar player looks like the love-child of Frank Zappa and Groucho Marx. Love Zevon and his music to end of the universe. Thanks for posting this, buddy.

  16. Herb DeCordova

    I brought Ari Melber here.

  17. mi channnal


  18. John Hardesty

    Thank God, I got to see Warren in his glory days in Louisville, Ky., werewolves still howl for him nightly!

  19. Grouchomx

    I love his quote when David Letterman asked him on his last interview before he died if he had any advice on life and he said, "Enjoy every sandwich".

  20. bob john

    I was at this show. Good to see it again.

  21. Ben Winnick

    Everyone in the Trump administration is singing this song right now.

  22. Mr Ermerm

    Best…Riff… Ever…

    This guy is so missed.

  23. VanBredlove

    We miss you Warren; nobody can ever fill your shoes…..

  24. Cucho Peñaloza

    That piano is played as a drum, SO COOL

  25. Brett Koeshall

    This is actually one of Warren Zevon songs.

  26. ThermoNuclear GR


  27. Mistertbones

    Definitely the best version of this.

  28. Flyboy Steven

    wait a minute….i'm confused….i thought the 1980 Capitol Theater concert was originally an MTV concert…i have a videotape of it..its in color and his band consisted of John Wood, Larry Larsen, Joe Daniels and Randy Brown….so what's the story on this one?..i've never seen this footage before…

  29. William Earney

    ONE OF THE TOP 5 SONGS EVER WRITTEN …sounds as if JOHN LENNON should have written it….but he never… ever… had the JUICE..with his BULL-SHIT DRUG HABIT… …thank God for WARREN ZEVON… (Only topped by Mc Cartney's ' With a little Help from my Friends' ….for RINGO. This is…. IN my WORLD SONG PLAY BOOK. MAYBE ONE or TWO…. Just an OPINION . COULD BE WRONG………. NAH…… It's the BOMB.

  30. Kevin Burke

    is zappa playing guitar?


    the putins, the trumps,the queens and all the gangesters are with they own gods….

  32. Tom Parker

    Sucks when they're with the Russians, too.

  33. Mark Barsotti

    The weirdest great songwriter on the '70's. Or the greatest weird songwriter. Either way, it's no mean feat.

  34. D Anderson

    enjoy every sandwich in heaven.

  35. onemorebrando

    you know you fucked up when you need a lawyer, bribe money, AND a gun.

  36. Bob Sharkey

    Timeless lyrics

  37. Dennis Opihory

    the capitol theatre

  38. Ralph Noyes

    Have I told this story before?

    Saw Warren in Austin at Club Foot with my future ex-wife in 1982. Still have the ticket stub on my law office wall. Solo show.

    Saw him for the second time in Austin in 1989, after future ex and I had separated.

    Saw him for the last time in 1993 in Austin with our son, age 8, on my shoulders. Warren came back out to do an encore. We were 10 feet from the stage, outdoors venue, Liberty Lunch.

    "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, can he play "Excited Boy"??!!

    Warren heard him, looked up from his guitar, grinned, and immediately launched into a roaring, soaring "Excitable Boy".

    That moment will live with me till the day I die.

    My son, now 30, and a big Zevon fan, won't forget it, either.

  39. Aaron Ach

    Other singers and bands talk about him in hushed tones which is all we really need to know. Maybe the one unbelievable hit overshadowed so much else that he did.

  40. Bill C

    I want this played at my funeral, loudly.

  41. ezrabrooks12

    Sometimes Daddy gets tired of bailing you out.Been there, done that.DADDY WILL make you FEND for yourself,so that you will LEARN.I have been sent Lawyers and money,but never any guns,even though guns would have been nice.

  42. Jill Tetreault

    mentored by Jackson Browne. Check out some of the stuff they did together — or Browne covering Zevon's songs

  43. David Farley

    That is NOT Frank Zappa on guitar… is it?