After inviting a group of moderate gun owners to a mansion, Jordan tries to select one contestant in order to influence the way they think about firearms.


  1. I might not be right here, but doesn't it seem like most of the people that are mad about guns tend to come from relatively safe areas? I have a theory, that because it's so fucking boring where they come from and watch too many action movies, they escalate how dangerous the world is even though they live in Bumfuck, Nowhere so they can feel like their life is exciting.
    I could be wrong, but to me most of these gun owners have guns due to fantasy. Not protection. Not necessity. Fantasy.

  2. Actually, you’re statistically more likely to get shot and killed by a family member.

    But, cousin Pete is awfully cute, so there’s that.

  3. So because more people die from overdose than guns it makes it ok, makes sense. Maybe the numbers even could double if people work hard enough

  4. I’m trying to stop vaping but the commercials against it just reminds me that I’m not vaping and it makes me want to. It’s having the opposite effect