Wendy's Top Five Guns I Curator's Corner Season 5 Episode 4


Did you know The British Museum houses over 6,000 items of arms and armour including 135 firearms? Get ready for guns. Lots of guns. Well, just five actually but not just any five guns. These are Wendy Adamson’s TOP FIVE GUNS!

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  1. Phil McDonald

    How did these muzzle loaders put the longbow out of business?
    Half a dozen archers could wipe out a hundred of these blokes ,farting about with their fire sticks, before they got a shot off .

  2. Paul Slevin

    Yawn — I was hoping to see early Kimber master carry custom 1911 oh well.

  3. Paul Slevin

    How to carry ancient tablet — boob assist method. Very discriminatory as I've no boobs, males need not apply I guess ?

  4. StevePlaysGamesSometimes

    Quite a few revolvers don't use cartridges, the 1851 Colt Navy, 1860 Colt New Army, and 1858 Remington New Army are just a few examples of muzzle loading revolvers.

  5. John Veach

    In no way would you damage other items of antique. I cant Express how mad I am. Why did you ruin those guns?

  6. Bob1934

    Nice video, but they should have someone with knowledge of weapons do the showing. They could do something like the Bovington Tank Museum. Have Ian, Bloke on the Range, and JoergSprave do "My 5 favorite weapons at the British Museum". That would be interesting.

  7. Buddy Floyd

    Volley fire with ranks of one shot muskets is deadly. The British Army in the 18th century knew this very well. With a one shot Hog rifle I can obtain the best weapon made.

  8. Stevee Wonders

    Those Japanese, always concerned about quality manufacturing 2:30.

  9. Mr Richie Kaye

    The "arms and armour basement.". Yeh, baby!

  10. Art.ref.euge Cagayan de Oro City

    I really dont like the cheesy bits…. got enough of those from the discovery/history channel and its also the reason why I don't like watching their shows

  11. threecatsteve

    Did you do any other videos?

  12. Drew Johnson

    pew pew

  13. Rl Badger

    Really a retched example of how ignorant a "curator" can be. Either this collection is low quality or the curator is unsophisticated. For matchlocks she has chosen modern reproductions. Gives a wrong description of loading. and it all goes down hill from there. (No real 16th century German matchlocks in your collection?) Makes one wonder if she is using talcum free gloves? Sad, very sad. It's all tourist trade crap collected by amateurs because it looks pretty. Your revolver is a modern break action (Circa 1890's) in "scrap" collector condition.

  14. Fuzzy Ewok

    Who would want a Belgian copy of a Smith wtf lol.

  15. erg0centric

    8:47 revolvers use bullets


  16. Sandman 89


  17. D- drizzle

    i dont like the way you present firearms. Sorry

  18. joe8075

    "Wild west revolver" yet she shows a Belgian copy of the Webley. This lady is in it for a pay cheque mostly.

  19. Bruce woolford

    "ooh, watch me not sparkle" is even funnier when you realise the amount of time it would have taken to construct the flint lock. ? ? ? ?.

  20. tommothedog

    Guns are not "bad boys" and they cause no more injuries than butter knives. Halt the misinformation!

  21. Wayne Scace

    Ms. Adanson,
    The firing pin wouldn't be striking the bullet, it would be striking the primer.

  22. Bob

    2:30 well I apologize for being sexist. I thought when she said rifles that she was simply referring to the length of the guns and it wasn't until 3:35 that I saw the upper one was actually rifled.

  23. lixulan

    Always a hoot to watch these, there were black powder revolvers that required each cylinder to be reloaded from the front and did not use "bullets" by which she means rounds.

  24. flyingryan3

    What the actual fuck top 5 guns?? All I wanted to see were the two rifles on the left.

  25. Sunil Nair

    I do it with bare hands. It's more fun. The skin touch is awesome. ROFLMAO

    I mean I don't like guns. But I can do it with hands. They call me Picasso. ROFLMAO

    Fk off punjabi.

  26. Tom Servo

    will come back in a month to find a comment with a list of corrections with timestamps — love the internet

  27. Victoria N

    Lol, love them badass captions ?

  28. Grunt 7414

    you brittards cant own weapons why have a museum for guns lmao. i guess its to be expected of subservant people…i mean germany owns you all and runs your laws soooo theres that funny thing…..bend the knee slaves lmao

  29. Lewis

    Poor guns, I bet the bores are completely rusted out. When you describe guns as being deadly they are only as deadly as the fool using them. I aim to keep what little gun culture we have in the UK alive and describing inert guns as deadly does not do our sport any favours.

    The third gun is most likely an improvised gun, this is actually still common in Africa today, they are often very crude and some indeed are muzzle loaders, must be easier to get your hands on propellant than it is to get bullets, muzzle loaders will shoot just about anything and given the guns they will be building are smooth bore as they will not have access to the technology which allows them to make rifled barrels they could load anything from nails, rocks, nuts and bolts. They are often used to hunt creatures like Elephants for their ivory which can then be sold on the black market.

    The revolver could possibly be a large bore stopping revolver, I don't know the caliber. Basically if your in a jungle or on the plains of Africa and something big is coming at you, you better have something big to stop that thing coming at you.

  30. Otokichi786

    1/2. "Matchlock 'Rifles"!?: I have heard of "Muskets" that typically didn't have rifling grooves in the barrel, such as the ones shown.
    3. Flintlock: That Albanian "bedazzled" firearm is worth more in the royal treasury than the armory, fired or not.
    4. Fairly Odd: An "African shotgun" made of modern hardware store parts?
    5. Revolver: Belgian copy of a Smith & Wesson cartridge revolver. (1840's Muzzle loading Colt revolvers aren't found in the Middle East?)
    **"Mae Winchester" of C&Rsenal wouldn't have made as many mis-statements as this British Museum Middle Eastern collection curator.

  31. Kaine Bird

    I gave up when she started saying you don’t muzzle load revolvers

  32. Wits End

    I find blue gloves and arms stretched back strangely sensual. Am I alone?