Why so many Americans love their guns? BBC News


There are more than 350m legal firearms owned in the US, and it is estimated that between a third and a half of all Americans own at least one. In the first 48 days of 2016 1,556 people have died as a result of gun violence in the US. President Obama says the biggest regret of his presidency is his failure to secure effective gun laws.

Some Americans explain why they own weapons.

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  1. Herp Derp

    Quick answer? Because we dont like tyranny. Sorry libtards, you wont force your NPC ideology that easily. Guns arent going away.

  2. Chase Jordan

    Why? Because guns save much much more then they kill.

  3. Russ Hanson


  4. ronnie

    https://youtu.be/zFN9EU4Zinc?t=86 Sorry it looks like a mossberg 500 shotgun

  5. ParanormalG&CAV


  6. Wild Berry

    America is better than the UK and if they dare challenge us we will use our 2nd amendment to win that challenge

  7. Michigan Rebel

    Because we know an armed citizenry is the only thing standing in the way between an overzealous government and its insatiable hunger for total control.

  8. John Russell

    I was very surprised that BBC didn't select the stupidest of the gun owners to put on display for this piece. Kudos for finding the average gun owner and allowing them to share their viewpoints instead of using this as an antigun propaganda piece. Seriously this was true journalism great job I wish it was longer

  9. snuggles

    why do so many redcoats like tea?

  10. Joyson Wildhart

    i dont love my guns. they are heavy and expensive and require maintenance and you have to jump through hoops just to keep one. but i do love my freedom.

  11. Shorodip Chowdhury

    Cause guns are cool and represents freedom???

  12. Brian Mitchell

    the description mentions people dying through "gun violence" (which by the way includes suicides, accidents, and gang related incidents. and Gang member who have committed a crime cannot legally own a firearm) but fails to mention that 2-3 million people every year are saved by guns. And that statistic just includes the when the person using self defense injures or kills the assaulter, It does not include how many people are saved by just showing the weapon or pointing it

  13. Gotthatgoin4me

    God bless America.

  14. Mitchell Mitchell

    Lol the UK trying to say we’re too well armed! ? the butt hurt that stings for over 242 years! Blow my red white and blue dick!

  15. Cody McClain

    God damn the queen and the royals

  16. Cody McClain

    Brits are just pissed off we whooped that tea sipping ass

  17. GallonOf PCP

    Suicide is not gun violence

  18. dahak972

    Is this guy just making up numbers as he goes? Lol.

  19. Phil Proulx

    I can't believe they are allowed those military guns……..NOT COOL!!!

  20. 123stripes

    hey guys lets all justify having guns in spite of school shootings and high suicide/accident rates because guns are cool and god wants us to have them.

  21. JBigjake

    People assume that the USA has more violent crime than Britain. However, in 2017, the British Home Office reported more violent crimes, for a population of 60 million in England and Wales, than the FBI reported for the United States, with 330 million people.

  22. ray w

    Bc of the queen of england we love our guns

  23. William Koppos

    Like the way they try to make it look to the Brit audience like owning full autos is common. As we ALL know there are very few class 3 liscences anymore, and to own those things costs a mint. That guy is a an exception but of course that is not noted.

  24. Jim Vandemoter

    Here's a cold hard fact, people have guns in the UK. Some are legal, some are not. People get shot in the UK. Again, there are those who don't want you to know about it. George Orwell saw it coming. I'm just waiting for someone to be jailed for 'wrong think.'

  25. Peter O'Brien

    33,000 deaths per year represent .01% of the population. If you subtract the suicides, that number goes to .005%.

  26. japonte173

    just a quick note, we own firearms to deter a tyrannical government from ever trying to rule over us and make us subjects instead of citizens *cough Britain caugh*, I'm tired of people saying wEll aRmEd pEoPle wOuld hAve nO cHanCe aGainst aN arMy, vietnamese rice farmers would have to disagree with you. also the military would most likely never obey orders to suppress it's own people like that and rogue factions would separate themselves and a civil war would happen before America and her citizens are disarmed.

  27. Cattle Herder

    Meanwhile most americans cant afford to be sick because they cant afford healthcare. americans are so uneducated taht they simply dont understand how much their country is lacking.

  28. Wayland Lee

    Only in America is where individual gun ownership is a right that is provided by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. This is an imperative right that defends all other rights and our freedoms ! ??✌️ The liberal news media always exploit the act of gun violence by reporting the crimes and violence by criminals using guns to incite more anti-gun laws, but they never report of the numerous times when law abiding people use guns in legitimate self defense situations that saved lives ! The liberal news media is always biased against the gun rights issue.

  29. Chris Hansen

    Americans could own a rpg and be like “ for sport “

  30. Colin Wescott

    MP5 SD with no suppressor? The SD signifies that it is suppressed… someone needs to go back to school they're probably not even his

  31. drameday

    Isn't it great when people from other countries try to preach and pontificate about how awful the US is for having the right to keep and bear arms? Strange how they love guns in movies and love shooting them in video games, and don't seem to mind their own elites and government officials being protected by guns. Yet the common man who works hard for all he has should have no right to protect himself and his family equally? Sure, they will point to people killed by guns each year whilst ignoring much higher death rates caused by other things such as tobacco, alcohol, opioids, cars, and even obesity. Where is all the weeping and gnashing of teeth over any of those things? The BBC had an obvious agenda with this video. They showed a select few gun fanatics firing fully automatic weapons, which are very tightly regulated. They showed a man with a huge gun collection, while most gun owners have one or two for defense or for hunting. The globalist media likes to portray Americans as gun crazed lunatics, while the vast majority are responsible law abiding people, just trying to make a living.

  32. Youtube Admin

    .308 h&k mp5 that's badass

  33. fjm1061

    We are freemen, not subjects.

  34. meisterham23

    The Revolutionary War started over gun control. The British troops were trying to seize the Colonists guns and ammo.

  35. Frank Shanks

    What communist state do you live in where you are registering all but one of your guns?????

  36. BrassJunkie

    Leftist politician: “If banning guns can save one life we have to ban them.”

    Newspaper Headline: armed citizen uses gun to save lives.

    Leftist politician: “This changes nothing.”

    -true story.

  37. William Knight

    get a 45/70 ruger #1

  38. Jeff Genchi

    I think many citizens of other countries would love shooting sports if their governments let them have access to them. We in America just refuse to give up those liberties and I can tell you this many of our immigrants find a love for this sport

  39. Matthew Nations

    When I see the title of this video it makes me ask the question… Why the hell do you care what I have?

  40. Mike Mike

    Your agenda to ban guns will not work!

  41. denbo74

    One of the fairest Anti gun propaganda pieces I’ve seen with minimal editing. Still it is pretty obvious the position of the producer….ominous music, disproportionate time given to ultra rare, ultra expensive, and highly regulated fully auto rifle. Choosing to show the 30K gun deaths number and not explaining that most of those are suicides and the rest of them are gang related with black market guns. Just so you Brits understand, manufacturing of fully auto weapons for civilians was banned in 1986 and has been HIGHLY regulated since 1934. IF you can afford the $15-$100K to buy one you must also submit paperwork and fingerprints to the ATF, pay $200, and wait up to a year for approval. Oh, then you need cash to feed them at .30-$1.50 a round depending on caliber.

  42. Dante Ruberto

    We are free!